Black Death (2010)

Starting Sean Bean …
Has anyone seen this movie and what are your thoughts? :thumbsup:

Haven’t seen it yet, but I will watch it when I can and let you know.

But if they portray the Black Death as coming from rats, I’m going to get annoyed really quick.

nope… theres no rats in this flic but all i can say is that in my opinion IT… WAS… AWESOME!

they have it on netflix right now


The trailer:

I thought it was good.

Bean plays this sort of role (medievil warrior type) very well. Loved him in Lord of the Rings.

It was a lot more of a fantasy than I thought it was going to be but that’s not a negative.

The movie was ok and pulled no punches in portraying both sides in the storyline (pagans versus Catholic´s) as equally fanatical. The ending was a disappointment to me but on the whole it was a decent movie.

God bless

Very slow beginning, the plot line between the brother and the girl seemed unrealistic, interesting dynamic between the Catholics and Pagans, overall lacked depth and meaning.


The Black Death DID come from rats------more specifically, the fleas in the rats.

Didn’t you know that?:confused:

When I read the description given from my cable carrier (it was available On Demand through Comcast before it was released in theaters), I wasn’t thinking it would be appealing. The description made it sound as though the Church would be skewered (again) in yet another movie.

I think it’s Bush’s fault!!!


I must say that you are my new best friend. :thumbsup:

I liked the movie. It had less character development than I would have hoped, but it was good. The post script was terrible and out of place. It seemed like they realized that they had made the movie too positive toward faith and especially the Catholic Church and had to back peddle into moral ambiguity with an omniscient perspective narrator.

No, I’m with the historians who think it was a viral disease.


Passed it by. I’m not really into depressing movies and it didn’t look very cheerful. Ironclad is another one that should be kind of depressing if they stick to the true history facts so I’ll pass on that one too.:rolleyes:

You sound like a raving anti-rodentist. :slight_smile:

Sean Bean really butchers the Pater Noster in this one!

I enjoyed watching it, but was disappointed by the ending; it smacked of a secular humanist agenda.

So I searched and read the director and screenwriter’s comments, and sure enough, they are of the freethinking variety. The director, Christopher Smith, describes Bean’s character (Sir Ulric) as a “fundamentalist knight,” and says the movie shows how “things haven’t moved on in the past 600 years.” Apostasy seems to be the measure of progress for these people. Down with the faith-ridden ‘fundies’ !

Judging from the approach of the filmmakers, I think the movie’s subtle message (via its setting in the plague) is that suffering is basically meaningless, and trying to attach any meaning will only complicate - and therefore compound - the pain (illustrated by the conflict between fanatic Christians and desperate pagans). Very Schopenhauer-isch.

The movie is about the Black Death and has pagans vs. Catholics? Was it set in Lithuania (about the only place in Europe where there were pagans by that time)?


I am a historian and I go with the medical people and say it is a bacillus spread by fleas as is strongly documented and still present and active in many places included among the ground squirrel population here in SoTex (as in right outside my house on the golf course). think I will go get my shots.

It’s set in England, so the pagans are all apostates, not true heathens (except for maybe that one character, who speaks with a foreign accent). :slight_smile:

Well sounds really interesting. For those who have seen the movie does it end up bashing the Church too much? It seems to me that any recent period piece which intersects with the Church will inevitably go out of their way to show the Church doing one nefarious practice or another.

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