Black Elk speaks

I heard this book mentioned on ewtn by Mitch pakwa. Black elk was a catholic and this book was written about his spiritually during his life time. I did some research and found out black elk was extremely disappointed that the book never mentions his passionate catholic faith. Is this book ok to read? And after doing some research why isn’t black elk’s case open for sainthood his actions were responsible for the Lakota’s and other tribes conversion to the faith?

I don’t think there’s any problem reading this book, Black Elk Speaks - it’s just a biography of his early life. But, if you want a more complete story, check out the book Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala, which includes his devotion to Catholicism. The author, Michael Steltenkamp interviewed Black Elk’s daughter to get information on the rest of his life.
I can’t guess why he hasn’t been considered for sainthood. Maybe it’s for political reasons - after all, there has been much negative press about Native Americans being forced to convert.

I remember reading something about Black Elk from a descendant of his. According to Black Elk, while praying the rosary he would be visited by a bearded “holy man” in brown robes who would pray with him. The descendant speculated that perhaps it was Padre Pio, who was still alive at the time and known for his supernatural bi-locations. :slight_smile:

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