Black Friday 2014: Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins call for Walmart to pony up better pay, working conditions ahead of annual protests


U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressman George Miller yesterday met with a group of labor advocates and Walmart employees to discuss problems they experience with the company, including pay and work scheduling.

Afterwards Warren tweeted:

@Walmart, America’s largest employer, can & should lead on the #minimumwage, #equalpay & #schedulesthatwork," Warren wrote to her 121,000 followers on Twitter. "It’s about economics & values.

The meeting comes before planned Black Friday protests.


She could be a true leader and pay more for her purchases at Walmart to help fund the wage increases that she demands.

It is always easier with other people’s money.




Its getting to be rather obvious that there is a purely political element of attacking Wal-Mart

  • McDonald’s also getting the attacks. The protests have become so manufactured, the signs handed out to be marched around have “made in China” stamped on them!:yawn:


I like Wal-Mart. The employees there are always friendly and I heard the company supports traditional marriage.


Let the 2016 pandering begin!


Oh! Elizabeth Warren! I am sure she will use her vast wealth to help the Native Peoples, of whom she claims to be a proud member.

My only problem with Wal-Mart is that they are now stocking “Ella” and “Plan B” in the “Family Planning” section. Huge letter writing campaign has begun.


I don’t no who’d be worse her or the American Empress.


So says a woman who was paid $350,000 a year to teach ONE class at Harvard and who has a personal worth of over $7 million.


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