Black Friday Mass

I went to noon Mass today in Salem ,Oregon and it was quite the experience. The reading was done by a Wal-mart worker in uniform with name tag wearing a brown and white head covering. The homily was about not discussing the days shopping deals while in church. But for a weekday mass there must have been about 80 people there which is quite large when we usually have maybe 20 or 30 attendees.

Curious, isn’t it? I went to Mass in Las Vegas once and the EMHC was an Elvis impersonator

The idea behind your post escapes me. Since it’s under “traditional Catholicism” rather than under News, I assume perhaps you were thinking of the times in which the lector was the second of four ordines minores.

The Institutio Generalis Missali Romani (renewed after Second Vatican Council) does mention that appointed lectors, even though they be lay faithful, must wear “albs or other lawfully approved attire”. At the same time, it is also mentioned that “In the absence of an instituted lector, other laypersons may be commissioned to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture.” This appears to be the case here, and there is no specific requirement for the attire as far as I could see.

The head covering is a very nice gesture on her side: while this is no longer required, its original significance and scriptural foundation remains, intact and pristine.

Your post baffles me as much as the op’s does you!



Perhaps the OP could weigh back in as to what was deemed unique enough about this Mass to make it quite the experience?

If it is just that a reader was in her WalMart uniform, I show up in my uniform all the time, as I frequently have to go straight from work to Mass where I lead the singing. Such is life.

I’m very encouraged to hear that 80 or more folks attended Mass while out and about (shopping or whatever).

We often attend Mass on Thanksgiving day, but were not able to this year. I don’t know that I have ever been to Mass on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

It sounds like the homily was about being focused on the Lord during church and not our material pursuits. Good topic. What were the readings yesterday? Off to look them up…

Whats a black friday Mass?

What is a black friday ?

Is it just a Mass on a Black Friday?


I have family living in Oregon around Salem, so I often reap the benefits of Black Friday shopping on Christmas. There are plenty of outlet stores around the area, so perhaps people were at Mass praying for good deals?? Perhaps the Wal-Mart employee was using Mass a reason to avoid working through part of Black Friday. I know I would be if I was still working at Wal-Mart.

I think it must be the Friday following Thanksgiving, englshredrose. In other words, sales will be down because such a lot of shopping will already have been done to get things in ready for Thanksgiving. I suppose people will be feeling a bit low after all the festivities, too.

American friends, do I come close with that explanation?

Actually, just the opposite reason. :slight_smile: It’s the kick-off for the annual Christmas shopping season–a day on which the shores offer massive bargains to get shoppers in. If the stores had been running in the red, this boost in sales brings them back into the black on their ledgers, thus it’s called “Black Friday”. :smiley:

Bit like our day in mid January and for the life of me I can’t remember the catchprase that the media world gives it then :thumbsup:

and that explains it a bit more

just with black and goth and with them being in salem I wondered what it was all about. black seems an odd colour for a start of something though.

so it isn’t really a blackfriday mass then. just a mass on friday which the shopping/meida world er coined it blackfriday and that someone does their readings in work clothes is probably entirely irrelevent as its entirely relevent no one sees my clothes as I am either wearing servers robes or choir robes when I am reading though to a stranger it may look like one has to, to read type thinking to that the opening poster thinking something of blackfriday mass???

You got the wrong Salem. You’re thinking Salem Massachusetts.

Perhaps people who normally work at daily mass times were able to go if their business was closed today! Or their hours were shifted due to holiday schedules!

The reason the OP mentioned the Walmart uniform is probably because some of their employees were striking because for the first time ever Walmart decided to open on Thanksgiving Day at 8 PM–to kick off Black Friday even earlier than opening at 12 AM, which several employees objected to doing since it cut into their holiday. OTOH, some of their employees were happy to get the holiday pay. We can’t know how the reader in the Walmart uniform felt about it, but I imagine that’s why the OP noted the reader was wearing their distinctive clothing. Usually readers at Catholic Mass wear there street clothes, not robes since it would tend to confuse them with the ordained. The same for EMHC.

:blush: yes New England Salem

oops… ah well Thanks Deo Gratias:thumbsup:

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