Black Hole vs. Big Bang

How has this been resolved?

A Black Hole that becomes a Big Bang

Is there such a thing? “A big bang” isn’t a thing like a black hole, it’s a singular event at the beginning of the universe.


When does a black hole become a “big bang”?

Some scientists (like Lee Smolin) speculate that indeed a black hole becomes a ‘new big bang’ creating a new universe (which we can’t see or detect by the way).

This is the so-called ‘fecund universe theory’, a sort of ‘evolution theory’ for the multiverse, where the single universes seek to maximize the number of black holes in order to have a lot of ‘children universes’, just like living creatures evolve to maximize their offspring.

However this is pure speculation. No doubt there is a mathematical treatment of this hypothesis, but just that at best.

In the end it’s really a little more than science fiction. Since, probably, it cannot even be tested (i.e. it’s not ‘Popper falsifiable’), it cannot even be called a ‘scientific theory’ since it does fulfill the requirements of the scientific method.

There is no conflict between black holes and the big bang. Some suspect that inside black holes, other “universes” start, but that really has no effect on the big bang theory either, one way or the other. In fact, for a while it was a popular theory that the entire universe would collapse into a “super black hole,” (big crunch) which then may or may not explode in another big bang. That theory is less popular now, because the universe appears to be accelerating in it’s expansion at such a rate that it does not appear that possible, but it was never discarded because of any problem with black holes.

I can’t think, off the top of my head, of any other explicit relationship between the big bang theory and black holes. There really is no “vs,” no reason why the existence of one should bring into question the other.

Would the matter just prior to the Big Bang be a Black Hole?

What is the essence or nature of the matter just prior to the Big Bang?


What is the nature or essence of Singularity?

If we do not know, then how can we speculate that from there?

Again, these are questions that interest me. I am just trying to learn and that is it.

I am the OP.

I perhaps should of asked for comparisons and contrasts between the Black Hole the Big Bang.

I think the only comparison between the two is that they are particular solutions to Einstein’s field equations. Outside of that, they are completely unrelated objects.



There is nothing ‘just prior’ to the Big Bang because time itself began with the Big Bang.

Unknown and unknowable.

A mathematical construct that, when a cosmologist uses it, means “I do not know because the physics tools we have do not give a finite value.”

It is an unphysical thing (a mathematical construct), so it cannot have a nature or an essence.

We cannot speculate form there, we must derive new laws of physics and speculate from those models that do work.

In the beginning there was a void (darkness or a blackhole if you will) and then God spoke and BANG!!! He created everything.


Thank you , thank you.

How are we to understand this?

There is nothing to understand except that our models of physics do not apply to black holes.

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