Black Lives Matter protesters face Blue Lives Matter supporters after police-involved shooting death

CHICAGO (FOX 32 Chicago) - A deadly police-involved shooting led to a tense standoff in the streets of Chicago’s Mount Greenwood neighborhood on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, a Chicago police officer on his way to work shot and killed a man in what the police superintendent describes as a “road rage” situation. The man, Josh Beal, 25, of Indianapolis, had been with relatives at a funeral. Police said he had gotten into an argument with an off-duty Chicago firefighter over whether a car was parked illegally in front of a

                                               And now both groups are calling for protests tomorrow at the same time and place [](

Dear Lord! We need your intervention!

BLM protesters, and family members, do nothing but harm with the wild exaggerations. I grant that for a day or two that grief leaves them less than clear headed, but some of the things that were said were as crazy as saying aliens did it. Even if the final shooting was done in self-defense, I would hope that the event that lead up to the death might be examined closely. In a case were road rage escalates to death, it is rare that either party is completely innocent.

Here’s what happened this evening

An interesting outcome. I would bet that if the roles were reversed and the BLM protesters used noise and intimidation to send the Blue Lives protesters back, they would be called thugs. So let me be the first to say that prohibiting a protest by counter protest and blocking movement is un-American. It is also incredibly stupid and will lead to violence. These protesters may be content to try again, but now the Blue Lives people have opened the door for insurgency and confrontation.

If the police were smart they would issue an exclusive permit to protest to just one group, and send the other packing or to jail. Then allow the other group.

I strongly suspect, that if the predominantly white, blue lives matter group held a protest in a black neighborhood, and accused local residents of supporting violence against the police, in a way similar to how the blm people accused Mt Greenwood residents of being racists, I imagine they’d be met with similar hostility.

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