"Black Lives Matter rioters in Philadelphia threaten, assault, and chase out Jewish residents claiming "you don't live here" and call them members of the "Synagogue of Satan."" **NB Strong Language Warning!**

Strong Language Warning

Years ago when I lived in St. Louis, my neighborhood was a formerly Jewish neighborhood that was rapidly turning black. Most of the Jews had left, but there were still Jewish businesses in a smallish shopping area. But there started to be break-ins of those shops, and then it got to where it was almost every night. Ultimately they drove the Jews out and black businesses moved into those shops. I always did wonder whether the blacks actually owned them or whether white “block busters” owned them and rented them to the blacks.

There is often a tense relationship between blacks and Jews, as some of the black leaders accuse Jews of exploiting blacks. Remember Jessee Jackson’s reference to “Hymie town”? I’m sure nefarious leaders still promote that image of Jews.

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