Black lives matter, until they’re ended by black people


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Black lives matter, until they’re ended by black people

On December 30, seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes was killed in a brazen drive-by shooting in Houston while in her family car, driven by her mother. Barnes’s teenage sister provided the sole description of the shooter to media and police: ‘He was white and had blue eyes.’ In interviews, the family expressed fears that they had been targeted because of their race. The response was immediate: national media, celebrities, politicians, and activists launched a crusade to find the racist white killer.


I see the aim of the story. But the BLM movement has nothing to do with common crime, however senseless and violent. It has to do with racism, discrimination, stereotypes, etc. This distinction seems to have been lost on the author.

Even so, celebrities could still use their influence to bring attention to senseless violence such as this case of mistaken identity that had to do with young men or teenagers getting into a “bar fight”.


Exactly. I’m not sure why this is a difficult concept for some to grasp. :unamused:


I certainly do not see the shooting of Jazmine Barnes as being “common crime”, I know no one would say that is what they meant. I guess, the distinction is lost on me as well.

A bar fight? Really? I guess, I’m really uninformed on this news story.

Co-writer of the article, Andy Ngo is of a Far East Asian background, co-writer, Wael Taji appears to be an Arabic name.


I did not know till today that the BLM movement specifically excluded black on black violence from their platform. I personally find it a bit disingenuous to use the BLM moniker yet segment out a large chunk of violence against Blacks.

I get a focus on police as a major concern but I don’t think violence in a community can/should be filtered down to one contributor with all other sources ignored.

Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people

Violence from crime towards black people should not be excluded, IMHO.

Regarding the article, they used “black lives matter” in the vernacular rather than explicitly about the organized movement. They are one of many making the criticism that the BLM movement should be more inclusive of all violence towards Blacks.


…and you have a problem with this why? Even if she got it wrong, at the very least, like another poster suggested, at least it shed light on the problem of common crime. Also, the history of racism in america must be pretty bad for her to jump to that conclusion.

Unless you mean that when crime happens to black people nobody cares. I think that has been true in most cases.


The OP was a cut and paste of the start of the story, apologies for not using a quote box. I found it an interesting opinion piece that was thought provoking.

I do think we need greater focus on all causes of violence to the black community. I also think it’s unfortunate that BLM chose that name when they are only focused on violence against blacks by police (a worthy criticism)


I’m not sure that i agree with the movement, but i agree that black lives matter.

Crimes happen for many reasons, but there usually is some reason behind it. Somebody disrespected somebody else which lead to violence. Or maybe he slept with the wife of the wrong man.

True, there are untold ridiculous reasons for slaying another human being like looking at the wrong person. Humans, regardless of colour can do irrational things that don’t make sense to most people.
But killing somebody for the colour of their skin is one of the most irrational acts the world has ever faced. It’s an abomination.

So it’s not surprising to me that this would be their central focus, assuming that they are a movement against racism.


Are you suggesting they don’t have friends and families who care? When crime happens to any group of people it’s mostly their friends and families who care.


I think it goes without saying that if you lost somebody to violence you would care and so would i.


Because it’s not about violence to black people in general. It’s about unequal treatment of black people when it comes to justice, the police are the spearhead of that. It is not uncommon for people in primarily colored communities to even want to have the police around because they feel zit just makes things worse. Also consider that an assignment to such communities is considered an entry level assignment and that a huge amount of these police do not live in the community they police.


If that’s the case every race should have a their race lives matters. Blacks are not the only race who are killed for the color of the their skin. Check the interracial crime stats currently and not going back 60 years or earlier like these race demagogues and agitators always do.


But that goes without saying doesn’t it. The reason groups like these emerge in the human community is because they think that they are not being treated like other people in the community.

It certainly within your rights to challenge that claim, but i find it very odd when people get upset just because they said their lives matter. You should be agreeing with them.


I agree with that just not their tactics and their selective outrage and hypocrisy.


Are you suggesting that the black cops also involved in killing black suspects are racist? I recall the data did not show it was just a thing with ‘white’ cops.


It would be very odd if they were racist. But in the context of black history in america, it really isn’t surprising to me that a white policeman would be accused of racism. Now obviously there is a possibility that this charge of racism doesn’t apply to every cop that has been called a racist. But that is just a case of bad apples ruining the reputation of the whole bunch.

That being said, history would suggest that the judicial system including the police were institutionally racist in times past, and some argue that it still is.

I don’t live in america, so i will leave that to somebody else to argue.


Because we’ve repeatedly seen those same people shouting about black lives mattering descending into violence and anarchy, so it’s a little hard to take them seriously.

In Dallas, they were marching through the streets calling for the murder of white cops…

It’s also hypocritical to only focus on racial issues when the predominate takers of black lives are other black people.

I agree that black lives matter. However, cop killings account for an infinitesimally small percentage of the number of black people who die violent deaths each year. I think that the best use of their time is to turn their attention inwards and focus on the two things that are actually doing the most killing: gang violence and abortion. Also, drugs… lots and lots of drugs… though that’s hardly a black-specific issue…


In this one sentence you follow the logic of black lives matter and other race hustlers which is based on a ridiculous assumption. That assumption is that a black individual killed by a white cop was killed because they are black and not for some other valid or invalid reason.

First the media has an agenda. They disproportionately focus on white cops shooting blacks and make it appear more prevalent than it is. Second in most, if not all of these stories the facts show that the black individual was killed not because they were black but because they did something, which could be made threatening movement, refused lawful orders, had a weapon, etc. Even in the cases where there is no possible lawful justification for the police shooting it in no way has been shown that that shooting was due to race.

Frankly your premise is just offensive. I’m so tired of people simply assuming a white person actions are based on race, particularly a white police officer. Are there racist police? Sure. Has anyone ever asked why they are racist? They are on the front lines of law enforcement and they are the ones in the black community every day. They see first hand the crime in these neighborhoods which is disproportionately committed by blacks.

Have you ever lived in a predominately black neighborhood? I did. I can draw several conclusions from this. First, blacks don’t walk on water. Anti-white racism is very prevalent in these neighborhoods and I saw and experienced it first hand. Have you ever walked down the street and had a black man make a handgun symbol with his hand and point it at your head. I have. Second these neighborhoods are teaming with poverty and crime but they are also filled with something much worse which is a lack of caring and pride. After every weekend the “black side” of the local park was filled with garbage and waste. So much so the city had to hire people to clean up after them. The buildings were in disarray and no one took the time or effort to do even simple fixes that would improve the neighborhood.

I just love when white liberals sit in their cooshy neighborhoods where no black is seen for miles and talk down to everyone about racism, particularly the police. Why don’t you go live in one of these predominately black neighborhoods for a few months and see reality not what you are spoon fed on TV




Then why don’t you create an organization to combat that issue? You can join the ranks of many other organizations that work to combat black on black crime.

They (BLM) are entitled to create an organization focused on whatever issue they want. They don’t have to poll the audience in order to determine what is and is not a worthy cause. It was a worthy cause to them, they created their organization, and they found likeminded individuals to join that organization. That’s enough.

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