Black lives matter, until they’re ended by black people


Solution: if white cops are racists then get them the heck out of black neighborhoods and put black cops in those neighborhoods. The only cops I see walking around in the daytime in the commercial area of the city are black females. Put them in the black areas late at night. Racist cop problem solved.


Because I lack the time and proximity. Also, I’m white, and in my personal experience, black groups don’t like it when white people try to solve their problems…

I agree. I just also see their organization as incredibly hypocritical, and focusing on the least problematic issue facing their culture. They’re certainly within their rights to focus on what they want, I just thing there are other things they could be doing that would actually accomplish something, and which would also hopefully not develop into mob violence calling for the death of all white cops…


My Catholic faith teaches to have compassion for everyone and to try to understand everyone’s perspective. Apparently yours teaches you to use emoji’s like a petulant child to discount serious arguments. I wish you well and am sorry you can’t make better rebuttals.


Cops, who are responsible for the safety and protection of human-beings, shouldn’t be using their position to discriminate or otherwise kill human-beings based on prejudice. It doesn’t matter how big or small the percentage of killings are.

While black on black crime is high and is a serious issue, I think the idea that people in places of authority are contributing to the problems boiling up in the black community is abhorrent. It is because they are police that these people are focusing on police. To suggest that this focus is itself an attempt to ignore or hide other problems in the black community is ridiculous. Everybody knows what is happening, but as soon as police are accused of racist activity there seems to be a problem? Why is that?


Racism is a problem, people want it to stop. We can talk about why people are racist, but to suggest that we shouldn’t point out racism and deal with the practical reality of it is equally childish in my opinion and is bordering on blaming and attacking the victim.

Sorry, but your post in my opinion didn’t deserve a response.


Yep just another reason to get the white cops out of black neighborhoods and put in the black male and female cops who are in the daytime no crime commercial areas of the city. Let them deal with the late night issues in black areas instead of always white cops in these dangerous areas.


There are many wonderful Catholic social justice programs (often run by and largely staffed by white people) who have take up this cause. If you don’t have time to start your own program, you can volunteer with one of those. Don’t have the time? I’m sure they would appreciate your monetary contribution! Start by contacting your local Catholic Charities, SVDP, Jesuits, Dominicans, etc.


I agree. However, in most of the sparking incidents which have lead to large demonstrations, there has been some degree of justification for the cop’s actions. It’s usually a tragic over-reaction, but you also have to consider the mindset of these cops. They are working in areas where extreme violence is commonplace, and unregistered weapons are the norm. The reactions are not just a one-sided, race-based problem, they’re the result of the world in which these cops and civilians are operating. It’s tragic, but we cannot deny the reality and try to claim the officers have zero justification for their reactions.

If the cops are racist boot them out. However, the problem is the blanket assumption that these people are racist. Some of them are, I’m sure, but as I said above, many of them are reacting the environment they find themselves in. If there’s a high degree of gun violence where you live and work, you’re more likely to be looking for a gun or other tool of violence. If you’re more likely to be looking for one, you’re more likely to interpet certain kinds of motions and activities as dangerous, and therefore more likely to respond with violence.

Like I said, it’s terrible, but it’s also understandable. The best way to stop these sorts of things from happening is to focus on cleaning up the society, and removing the norms which have caused the police officers to have to be on guard so constantly.

Are there racist cops? Sure, and they should be dealt with. Are there good cops who are forced into a bad situation and make the wrong reactive decision? Yes. Are the calls for violence against cops acceptable? No.


I’m sure there are great programs, and it’d be nice to contribute to them if I was able, but I can’t even convince my wife to let me contribute to the Church yet, so there’s a long way to go before she’s okay with social programs. I was simply speaking out of my personal experience, I know that it’s not the same everywhere.


It only takes some of them and you have a problem. Of course not all cops abuse their power. I will even go out on a limb and say that not all “white cops” are racist. But that is besides the point.

It’s true that combat scenarios can lead to bad decisions, but lets not use that as an accuse to make those decisions the norm. And there is such a thing as a racist cop, and there is such a thing as cops who abuse their power, and it is true that some of these cops have acted unjustly. Is black lives matter lying about that?


Any racists cops are a problem, but to act as if all cops are racist simply because some are is faulty. It’s bad logic, and even worse practice.

No, it is not besides the point, it IS the point. You cannot assign the tag of racist to anyone who does anything against black people, especially when these cops are charged with protecting the peace, which disproportionately involves subduing black individuals. It’s a sad fact of the reality we live in, but per-capita, most crime in America is perpetrated by black individuals. This is always on the mind of those people who have to enforce the law. It’s not their fault that’s the world they live in. It’s not fair to them or to good, law-abiding black people, but it’s the truth of the matter, and it’s something we have to come to terms with if real progress is going to be made. Especially any real progress which will make this no longer be true.

I’m not calling for them to be the norm. I wish they didn’t exist. What I’m calling for is the basic recognition that there’s usually a reason these officers are reacting as they do, and that reason is very rarely racist. It’s important to point that out, because it’s basically the polar opposite of what the BLM crowd would like people to believe.

No, and the fact that you would even ask this shows that you either didn’t read what I’ve written, or didn’t care about the fact that I already admitted as much and instead just wanted to make yourself feel superior to me by pointing it out.

There are racist cops, there are abusive cops, there are terrible cops. Get rid of them.

The problem with BLM is that they treat all cops the same, and completely ignore their culture’s hand in creating the atmosphere that has lead to our current situation. Sometimes the victim really does have a hand to play in their victim-hood. Neither side is free of blame in this discussion.

I have to back out of this discussion now, I have work to do.


If that’s the rallying cry of black lives matter, then i think this is probably not true and is not a premise that i would defend.

Is that what they say?


It’s not the rallying cry of all blm matter people. Some of them are reasonable people calling for real change both within and without.

However, it is the position of the collective BLM, and it has lead to some truly disturbing displays of mob violence and exceptionally violent group-think.

I wasn’t joking earlier when I said they were marching through the streets of Dallas calling for death to all white cops… That wasn’t just a handful of people, it was a throng of multiple hundreds (possibly thousands) of people…

(I’m pretty sure it was Dallas, though it may have been one of the other cities… Some officers were killed in Dallas during a BLM rally, though that was the result of a single individual, not the mob.)


Well, when you are able, please don’t forget that there is something that you (any of us really) can do whether you are giving of your time, talents, or treasure. :slightly_smiling_face:

The BLM members certainly are doing what they are able to do to advance a cause they believe in.


“Story” is an accurate assessment. This is an opinion piece, not a hard news piece…which is why it’s not posted on the World News page of CAF, I imagine.

Claiming, implicitly or explicitly, it is a news piece is like claiming Sean Hannity is a credible journalist, and not just a talking head beating the drum of the extreme right wing and the Trump administration.


But is that really whats happening? Also, you said that fear in combat situations can lead to bad decisions and irrational behaviour. Equally, If black lives matter are painting the entire “white” police force in america with the same brush, is that really surprising given black history in america. They may be mistaken, but what is the government doing to make them think otherwise?

You see here is the problem. People are complaining about black lives matter and their hypocrisy, but those same people don’t seem to be concerned with resolving the actual problem beyond making excuses for police officers. It almost sounds like they want to sweep the problem under the rug. or worst, blame the black community.


Well, that is certainly a shame and not a good look for black lives matter, but i am only concerned with black lives matter and what they represent as an ideology. If they perpetrated that behaviour then fair enough. That is unacceptable. But like we said, people act irrationally when they think they are being attacked.


Most of these urban areas with the greatest protest are frequently run by black mayors and minorities have a strong presence on the city councils, to whom the police report. I find it disingenuous to blame the feds or white people in general when the keys to change are in their hands already. They already control the police and should already have civilian review panels that provide additional oversight.


Basically, yes. Good cops are being called racist for doing their jobs, and the system is being called racist for enforcing the law against black people, which, as noted early, are disproportionately responsible for crimes. It’s created a vicious cycle that’s only making things worse. Black people are put away for committing crimes, especially black fathers, who then aren’t there to raise their children, who then are more likely to become involved in crime and get arrested, starting the cycle over again. The only way to make it stop is either for them to stop committing crimes, or for the judicial system to stop enforcing the law. The latter option makes no sense, so the demand falls on those people who are committing the crimes to stop.

You can’t do anything about irrational thinking… it’s irrational, and therefore not subject to evidence or explanation…

We’re complaining about black lives matter here because that is teh focus of the discussion. We have just as much issue with racist cops as we do hypocritical social movements.

I’ve really gtg now though.


First of all i don’t blame “white people”. I blame ignorant people who choose to discriminate against other people. After all it was “revolutionary white people” that helped black people in their darkest times in america. When black people promote racist ideas, i don’t condone it personally.

Secondly are you suggesting that the problem is because of corrupt black people in power?

Also, i can blame anybody whose behaviour is motivated by racism and ignorance. That some people are falsely accused is a shame and is not good, but that doesn’t mean the threat doesn’t exist.

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