Black Scapular + Medal of St. Benedict


A friend of mine gave me a Black Scapular and a Medal of St. Benedict. Tomorrow, after Mass, I’ll try to get the Priest to bless the Black Scapular and the Benedictine Medal (I’ll print out the special prayer for it).

Anyway, what are the promises attached to the Black Scapular (compare it to the promise of the Brown Scapular is that he who dies while wearing it will not suffer eternal fire [Hell] or the promise of the Green Scapular is that a person wearing it will have access to the Sacraments at death)?

Basically, the Medal of St. Benedict is attached to one of the Black Scapular’s ‘straps’. Is this okay? Also, the medal may not actually be metal–not sure just by looking at it or feeling it, it could be metal like a silvered bronze or something but I don’t know–but plastic with some kind of metallic sheen (again, it is hard to actually tell). Would this invalidate the Medal of St. Benedict (IOW, does the Medal have to be metal?)?


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