Black Sea Flood equals Noah's Great Floor?


I watched a documentary where a Columbia University Professor made the claim the the origins of the Noah’s Great Flood happened in the Black Sea 8,000 yrs ago. There is some evidence to prove but the existence of neo-lithic civilizations remains to uncertain since they have not found it.

Here is some information on it.

and some theories.

I am starting to think that if more research is done on this, I believe the Biblical Flood is a fact. I use to thought it was a local flood in Ancient Mestopomia…((sp)).


Yes, Manny sometime in the last ten years a book, titled “Noah’s Flood”, described in detail the core sampling study in the Med and Black Seas and put forth a theory to explain what happened. It sounded pretty good to me, but I understand that some opposing publications have also come out. I haven’t seen those, but I think they were mentioned a thread a couple of years back on the forums.

The research ship involved was called “The Global Challenger”.


There are neolithic sites submerged in the Black Sea, and it’s in roughly the right place and happened at roughly the right time. Most places, the water advanced about a mile or so a day, which must have seemed like the end of the world to people fleeing from it.


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