Black students and UPenn receive racist txts

I have a friend who is a teacher. She is already having to deal with bullying based on race and religion.

I’m a teacher and I haven’t had to deal with any bullying. We have not have any reports of increased bullying at any of our area schools. Apparently, we’ve instilled a strong sense of community that wasn’t magically shattered by the results of an election.

I’m sure that these students are also equally horrified by the profane,sexist, racist and misogynistic lyrics in the music by their favorite rappers, too??? :rolleyes:

This reminds me of the commentator who noted Michelle Obama’s supposed disgust over things Donald Trump was captured saying on tape, yet gladly brought profane and vulgar rappers to entertain at the White House to be enjoyed by her daughters, too.

What are the odds that this is a set up?

I’m fairly confident much of this is staged by liberals projecting.

One guy told me he saw a couple people in KKK regalia riding the bus.
I’m 100% confident that if there are any KKK members in Seattle, the last thing they would ever do is don hoods and ride the bus (in Seattle)

Beware of false flag attacks* by at least some people Marie5890.

I am not saying this is the case here.

I AM just saying we’ve seen this sort of thing before that have turned out to be phony.

People have jumped to conclusions in the past, and it turned out to be a false flag.

It’s always good to learn from your mistakes. It’s even better when you can learn from someone else’s.

God bless.


*From Wikipedia . . . .

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. . .

I don’t mean any harm in what I am about to say. There seems to be a recurring theme apparent to me on this forum. Some of you have a very dim view of African Americans. When topics come up (this story and the church fire, for example), it’s completely made up or influenced by the liberals. I mean really, all blacks listen to rap?? Really?

Sunny, this is a problem that cuts both ways. I hear about what goes on college campuses: all whites are racist, “check your privilege”, every comment is about race. Throughout this election over hundred million people who voted for Trump have been dubbed racists.

There are other campuses that have had much more civil dialogue. Take a look at MIT:

… As I saw this afternoon, students have wrapped the six great columns in Lobby 7 with huge sheets of paper. Three ask that you “Share Your Hopes,” three to “Share Your Fears.” They are covered with handwritten responses. People are lingering to read and add their own. Many say they fear for the future of the country, some for their personal safety, for their civil rights or that “my values no longer matter.” Others fear that their peers will never take the time to understand why they voted for the winner. One hope struck me in particular: “I hope to understand the 48 percent of Americans who disagree with me.” Nearly all the writers express some kind of pain. Yet together they have created a wonderful example of mutual respect and civil dialogue…

I know it can go both ways, but there is no sympathy or compassion. The first thought or in this case, posts were that this is made up or a false flag. My first thoughts were that it’s a shame that things like this continue to happen and how can I make a difference. The OP said that her friend is a teacher. Surely her friend wouldn’t make up having to deal with bullying based on race or religion.

I really love Gone with the Wind. Does this mean that I’m a liar when I say I hate racism?

Stop conflating aesthetics with politics. The two are not equivalent.

Well said.

If people are getting racist and/or threatening text messages, it should be possible for police to identify the sender pretty quickly.

Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,

Prayers! and still more prayers!

You make a good point. My knee jerk response is to be highly skeptical, maybe too much so. After skimming the news there is definitely some bad behavior going on by some Trump fans at a few colleges. In this case these students were added to a racist thread on GroupMe; I’m sad that the thread existed among ‘friends’ let alone that a member then targeted it at a group of black freshman. I hope they find the instigator and he can be expelled.

My first thought was about this recent example
Black activist charged in race hoax at Kean University in N.J.

Our skepticism is not without precedent.

All I can say is that it is so important to pray. Pray for our new president-elect, pray for those who were broken hearted the day after the election, pray for the bullies, and pray for the unity of our country. God listens to our prayers. Remind your friend to pray for her enemies, for the good of her soul. The graces she will receive doing this are immeasurable. I will pray for her and her detractors as well.

It really is tricky keeping the right attitude of compassion when either:

  1. A racist act has occurred, and thus the victims deserve compassion


  1. A racist act has been staged in order to make a large chunk of America look racist

In this case, the victims who received the texts have been terribly wronged either way. But until we know who sent it, the behavior of so many deceitful people in the recent past requires that we not simply accept blindly that this must be racism.

That’s compassion too–when these acts are staged, it hurts everybody: the falsely accused masses and the frightened minorities.

I hope they can find out where these originated from.

Here is the link to a disturbing video, posted before the election, on the negative impact of Trump’s campaign on kids, the future of our country.—how-students-turned-trumps-rhetoric-to-racism.cnnmoney/index.html?iid=ob_marketpg_video

I can only hope that President Trump will reach out to heal the wounds that his candidacy has caused.

Wasn’t a Dominican wearing a habit accused of being KKK?

Just a few months ago.

Some people have the attitude of “stupid and proud of it”.

[That was a quote from Karl Keating to me in a personal conversation about a friend who was kind of off the wall.]

If a user sent a mass text from their own phone using their own phone number then sure. But these were sent by the application “GroupMe.” It’s also easy to get a phone number that’s not backed by an actual phone. Within a few minutes I could sign up for a GroupMe account associated with an area code of my choosing. If the police manage to find the group me account and trace it back to a phone number ito is possible the phone number is one acquired through an online service that doesn’t trace back to the person’stays personal ID.

I havent commented on it until now but I’ve gotten the same impression. I found it quite surprising when I first encountered it.

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