Black Woman Burned by 3 men... seriously??!!

Makes me sick to read stuff like this, when are we going to realized that we need to love and respect each other!!..

Pretty sure this isn’t true. I believe the police found this to be fake. She did this to herself.

Could you provide me a link please? I could not find one that says otherwise.

Here you go.


Nope. :wink:

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Thank you everyone, ok Mod you can close this one, looks like I got tricked :mad::stuck_out_tongue:

God help that woman to feel better…

This woman is obviously very disturbed.

There is very real hate crime in this nation and the actions of this woman really do an immense disservice to the true victims of racial hatred.

Obviously she will be charged with filing a false police report. But will there be penalty enhancements because it was a racially motivated hate crime? Think about it: if it had been true, there would be. She was obviously trying to frame white men for a hate crime. Shouldn’t she get the same punishment?

She could be charged with libel and slander against the men. That’s my guess, at least.

This has been all over the local news. It turns out she did this all to herself.

Original Poster,

What I cannot believe is that you would believe anything on the atheistic DailyKos website and that you would post it on Catholic Answers Forums.

Same thing happened in Australia. A Indian taxi driver who suffered burns when his taxi caught alight. At first blamed White racists for robbing him and trying to burn him and his taxi.
Some indian students were attacked and it was blamed on white Australians. Then there was the sad case of a little indian girl going missing and later being found dead.They started to blame the white Australians.There was reports done on Indian state TV About these attacks. Claiming how racist Australia was. The Little girl was killed by a family member.The attacks on the indian students were done by other Indians. And the indian taxi driver was caught out. He got burned while trying to do an "insurance job on his taxi.
There was no reports on INdian state television about they got it so wrong. I guess the media is the same on that matter. Where ever they come from.

The Indian media is very jingoistic. Even if someone who is not Indian but of Hindu heritage wins an award in some foreign country, they will report it as though it is a matter of national importance.

If she set herself on fire and tried to frame 3 white men for it, shouldn;t SHE be charged with a hate crime.

I saw this being used on different social networks like “o my gosh” look what the republicans are doing, this is why you should vote Obama. Like of course the two really have to do with each other.

I’ve read of this type of act, but not racially motivated.

The sadist part even if she did self harm herself which obviously shows she has some mental sickness; I think it does create racial divide between white and black people.
If the story is varified people will overlook her mental illness and choose to see racial division because white men were wrongly accused.

The full scope of the media story seems inconclusive to me.:shrug:

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