Blame the Catholics


My disclaimer. I don’t have numbers to support the claims. Also I am venting a bit.
I attended “Sunday School” at a local Methodist church. After all was said and done I guess nobody in the class realized or remembered that I am Catholic. It started with a discussion about a short film by Rob Bell. (?) Don’t know who he is. Anyway it took a crazy turn to Catholic schools and how they “gouge” non-Catholics to attend these schools. “it isn’t fair” wa wa. Then, here is where the disclaimer comes in, "the reason people aren’t attracted to Christianity and or are leaving altogether is because of the Catholic church and the child molesting priests and the fact that they (still talking about Catholics)are so exclusive when it comes to the sacraments, especially Eucharist. “Christ died for all of us.Why can’t we receive? What makes them so deserving? All the Catholics are know just claim to be Catholic but they never go to mass” On and on I didn’t say anything just sat like I was getting kicked and punched, all the while fuming at their ignorance. Unfotunately I am not articulate enough in my own faith to counter the arguments plus I was just angry I would have probably said something out line. Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors. HA! Thanks for opening the door so I could leave.
Does anyone have current numbers regarding Catholic attendance or in general Christian church attendance? Or any research in this area.


Ha thats pretty funny. I should watch that video.

But I do agree things like the priests raping kids is a low blow at Catholicism not all priests rape kids and people talk way too much about the raping. So although I don’t agree with Catholicism I do agree that, that video was very unintelligent and can basically be compared to that one guy at school that sucker punches people when there not looking.


One need not forget that child molesting is not a “Catholic thing.” I hear about non-Catholic pastors getting arrested (or not, for that matter) for molestation or rape charges more often than Catholic priests. Granted the priests get national media attention, but the non-Catholics just get a place in the local police blotter…I wonder why…

And what’s up with non-Catholic churches “teaching” about Catholicism anyway? If I want to learn about quantum physics I’m going to call a quantum physicist, not Bill from Bill’s Military Surplus even though I know Bill personally and he’s a quite…colorful fellow who knows much about many things. I somehow doubt that he is learned in the finer points of quantum physics.

*note: I’m not comparing Methodists to Military Surplus store owners, even though my friend Bill just happens to be Methodist.


You had a bad experience.

That’s too bad.

Get over it.


I am told that 25-30% of self-identified Catholics attend Mass each Sunday.

Disclaimer: I likewise have no cite for this, but it shouldn’t be hard to find – Try Google



Then why are you attending non Catholic church services?


I don’t have the number, but I have a rough number for my parish. :slight_smile:
There are 6 masses on Sunday, each mass is over 1000 people attend. The church can hold more than 1600 at once.

If you are around Austin/Round Rock area, you can go visit Saint William’s Church.


If I were you, I wouldn’t just drop it.

I would make an appointment with the pastor of that Methodist church (who I am willing to bet is probably a woman).

I would point out the motto about “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors,” and I would tell the pastor that this Sunday School class can’t have open minds if they don’t know the true facts.

I would ask for an opportunity to speak to this Sunday School class, perhaps for the entire session, and present the facts about what they were saying falsely. Tell the pastor that you would like to “foster dialogue” and encourage brotherly love.

I believe that if you are sweet-tempered and very, very reasonable (try to talk like the people on NPR), that the pastor may allow you to do this. After all, it will give the regular Sunday School teacher a week off, which is hard to get in a Protestant Sunday School!

If the pastor refuses, then forget about it. You have done all you can do to make peace.

But if the pastor agrees, then you have some studyin’ to do! Perhaps if you are a shy speaker, the pastor will allow you to bring someone (preferably a great speaker, ex-Methodist who knows their Bible and Catholic apologetics!) to come to the Sunday School class and speak.

Just remember–“foster dialogue” to help people have “open minds and open hearts.” Whatever you do, don’t get emotional.

(BTW, when Methodists talk about Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors, they are talking about homosexuals. It is a code. )


So why do many of them go-to Sunday school, Church or whatever they call it, are they BLIND ?


Just FYI–

Rob Bell wrote a pop theology book called Velvet Elvis and is the pastor of a big mega church called Mars Hill.

He’s one of those Emergent Church guys.:rolleyes:


Try this link.



Only 40% of Catholics in the world attend Mass each and every Sunday. That was in last Sunday’s homily.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


My wife is Methodist and I thought I would join her on Mother’s Day before I went to Mass. I wasn’t searching for anything just thought it might be interesting. Turns out it was aggrevating.


Then don’t go again and get yourself AGGRAVATED.


Tab19 - With all due respect, maybe this is your wake up call to brush up on your faith and learn to defend the Church.

For me, this website and Catholic Answers on the the radio were a great starting point. If you know your facts, you can defend your religion.


With no desire to hijack the thread, I’ll suggest that it wasn’t the fact of homosexuals hooking up with underage boys that set the scandal apart from others, it was the hierarchy’s pattern of repeatedly covering it up and moving the priest to a new set of teens in another parish.

A fornicating minister can show up anywhere (and they do!). The question is, how does the church handle it once it comes to light?

The emergent guys have all kinds of highblown theories about why people don’t go to church. That video sounds about typical.

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