Blaming victims

Some people seems to believe in blaming the victim or the one who complain. Are there people or groups promoting it? I encountered it on some websites and people. What is your opinion about it? Is it good or bad? I know sometimes, the victim is just playing the victim and must not be believed, sometimes, the victim really have a problem.

Huh? Is there a specific situation that you mean to ask about? Your post as it stands does not specify any actual situation or hypothetical scenario, making it sound like you are asking about a general human tendency to sometimes blame the victim of some kind of wrongdoing for the incident occurring. But if this were your meaning, why would you think there could be organizations specifically promoting this response? I think you probably forgot to provide us with a key part of your question.

For example you complain about something, pointing you are a victim. There are a few seemingly protestant sites I’ve found it on and people IRL. I wouldn’t like to link them here.

This definitely happens. People close their eyes, and ears to what they don’t want to acknowledge, especially if there is a difficult truth. What’s that saying - ’ there are none so blind as those who will not see’. It comes down, once again, to a matter of the will. There are those amongst us, who are free from illusion and the popular beliefs that ‘everyone and everything is nice’. They are the suspicious ones, the ones who have lost respect for the ‘popular’ and the ‘status quo’. They are the ones who do not blame the victim.

One example: now in schools, it is illegal for teachers and prinicpals to do nothing about schoolyard bullying.

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