"Blankets" graphic novel in College

I was going through my son’s college books to give them away when I found a number of controversial books he had to read in his literature class. He went to a Southern college that I thought was more conservative.

Blankets is about a young man’s youth and sexual temptations. He relates it to Christ. I I thought it was a comic book but it is a 600 page graphic novel.

In one chapter he touches himself and places the fluid in a cup-like waste paper basket and then on the next page he is at church receiving communion in a cup and feeling guilty when the pastor says"for he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation"

There are plenty of pictures of Christ and a lot of nudity, even children. He gives up his faith. :mad:

In the same class, he had to read Deliverance. This was a book and movie. One of main passages is when the Southern back woodsmen rape and have anal sex with some city hunters. One of the rapists gets shot and they have to decide what to do.

This kind of thing infuriates me, because:

  1. Since it’s done in a classroom situation, it’s very difficult for parents to know what’s being taught to our children. Even if we read every book our children are exposed to, we can’t be in the classroom to be privy to the lectures.

  2. We’re paying good, hard-earned money (lots of it), only to have our childrens’ minds strongly influenced in a direction which we have tried to prevent over the first 18 years of their lives. And during that first 18 years, we’re having to compete with the highly influential television, movie and music industry.

I agree. I struggled with my children in all the levels and fields of education. They were science majors and that caused problems. Between the women studies on my daughters and this on my sons, they are lost. They don’t go to church now.

His next book is about Islam. I wonder how the Muslims will respond to his writings.

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