In preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday I have done all that I am supposed to do and more.
Confession included my habit of saying “oh God” or Dear God without thinking.

The Priest absolved me gave me a penance and sent me home. When I left the church and got into the car I twisted my leg and said it again.

Is that a mortal sin? Have I made myself ineligable for the Grace of Divine Mercy?

Please help.


Mortal sin concerns a GRAVE or SERIOUS matter. You must know that it is wrong and you must do it anyway. Saying “Oh God”, etc… without thinking doesn’t really rise to the level of Mortal Sin.


Thank you. I appreciate your reply.


It doesn’t sound to me, like you have used God’s Name in a blasphemous way. It sounds like you’ve developed a habit of invoking God’s Name… at moments of stress. There is nothing wrong, with asking God for His help, in those moments.

Perhaps you can try to develop this a bit more, so that it becomes a prayer. In moments of stress… perhaps… “Oh Lord, grant me strength”.

God bless you.


Thank you. That is what I am trying to do. Old habits are hard to break. I appreciate your response to my query. I e-mailed my pastor but haven’t heard back and this IS Divine Sunday so I am grateful for the help.


Sometimes we have to be careful not to cross the line and become scrupulous. Blasphemy is a little more than an exclamation. It is a deliberate profanation of God’s name.

I’ll give you an example. I minister to adolescents with varying disabilities and at times they do things that blindside me. My immediate reaction is to roll my eyes, smile and say “Good God, now what?”

There is nothing blasphemus in that. It is an exclamation, not a profanation of God’s good name. There is no anger and no malice intended toward God in these spontaneous exclamations.

Hope this helps.

JR :slight_smile:


It’s not premeditated, so there’s no chance it’s mortal sin. And no sin makes a person ineligible for Divine Mercy if they are repentant.

I agree with the others; it’s worthwhile to change what is a sin into a prayer, so that whenever you accidentally say “Oh God,” you immediately afterward (or belatedly afterward, as the case may be) convert it into a prayer.


Thank you to everyone.

You ALL have been very helpful.

I went to Divine Mercy Sunday and it was beautiful.

We are so fortunate to have this beautiful grace from our Lord.

Have a great week.


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