Blasphemous depiction of Pope in Le Monde Magazine

I was recently notified by the group America Needs Fatima, that the French publication Le Monde Magazine included a most blasphemous depiction of Pope Benedict XVI with a child in their Holy Week issue.

It is urged that petition emails are sent to the magazine.

You can read more about it at :

I despair. Sometimes I wish that we, as Catholics, were more militant with our protestations. At the very least, why are French Catholics not picketing Le Monde? Why are Catholics not picketing French Embassies around the world? I do not have a copy of the magazine but if I had that copy, I would surely have been at the doorstep of the French Embassy over here.

It is just a thought, but maybe we can reach out to French parishes whether by email or however, and encourage them to be more vocal about this situation.

Last year, Le Monde had another filthy cartoon involving our Lord Jesus Christ and Pope Benedict. The message is not clear to them that French Catholics are outraged.

I will do what I can right now, and send a protest email, from the United States.

Why would you picket the French Embassy?

For the same reasons held by Muslims when they picketed and protested at British embassies and consulates on the Salman Rushdie matter. Jean Plantu is French.

If I were a subscriber to Le Monde (which I am not) or even had bought a copy of that issue (which I did not), I would have brought the matter to the attention of the Press Complaints Commission over here.

I don’t see how making ourselves similar to those who go violent and threaten offenders of their religion with death is going to do us any favors to be honest. >:\

If we call for blood then, it won’t. And, I did not imply that we do but, Catholics ought to be more visible with their protestations. We publicly protest, march and picket against everything else except in cases where our faith and members of our faith are defamed. As I said, if I had a copy of that Le Monde issue, I would have bookmarked the offending page and taken it to the French Embassy over here. Then complain to the PCC immediately thereafter.

This is not only blasphemous and disgusting, I argue this is practically libel, which is not protected by free speech.

I always assumed Muslim protesters picketed the British embassies because they were ignorant of how British law and society worked.

I suppose one could picket the American embassy to protest Jack Chick.

Being that the cartoon was printed a full month ago, and no longer appears in a search of Le Figaro’s website, I wonder if organizing a protest now isn’t a bit late to have much of an effect?

True. The track has gone cold…so to speak. Would not hurt to keep visible protests and boycotts for future reference though should a similar case arise.

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