Blasphemous thoughts (warning: do not view if will cause thoughts)

I have recently been struggling with unspeakably blasphemous and other unsuitable thoughts . I don’t know whether I am giving consent or taking pleasure in some or not. When I go to write them down to confess I have more. I may have had the thoughts on purpose or taken pleasure in them. I am also afraid that the cause me distress because I have to write them down and confess and not because they offend God. Any advice?

If you are struggling with intrusive thoughts and scrupulosity, which is what this sounds like, you ought to be seeking help from a good priest who can give you spiritual direction, and possibly a counselor as well. Asking for help on an internet forum will only cause confusion and further struggles due to the various answers you might get.


I agree with the good priest.

Seconded, your post is incredibly vague so that I cannot even tell what you’re asking here.

You do not have to write them down to confess them. Just tell the priest that you are having blasphemous thoughts. If he needs more information, he will ask, but he will not ask you to describe each and every thought. In this case, it sounds like writing them down is just leading to more. Father is right, you need the help of a wise and holy ASAP.

I have similar problems, and the best advice is as above: see a spiritual counselor. However, also remember that God loves you dearly and knows that deep down you don’t want any of these thoughts. Just trust in God and His presence in your life and push through the bad thoughts with prayer or simply sitting in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for a short while. God loves you, and never forget that!

May God bless you always! :slight_smile:

(I will re-post a post I posted before - general remarks about “unwanted thoughts”)


All sorts of thoughts can happen to us out of the blue…(not sought etc)

The fact that a Blasphemous thought happened to one- does not mean per se there was *any sin.
And for mortal sin one needs not only grave matter, full knowledge and deliberate (complete) consent…

Just cause a thought happened to you does not mean there was any sin. Let alone mortal sin.

Just calmly turn to something good…


For the next few moments --try real hard NOT to think of an Apple.

then scroll down.

What did you think of?

An apple.

Even though your will was against it (you did not want to think of an apple!)

Now back to unwanted thoughts…

The more you fear and try hard not to have them…the more they will likely come and bother you.

The best thing to do with such thoughts is not to fight them directly --not fear that they will come—simply do not consent and simply and calmly turn to something else…(or it may be best to keep doing the good thing one is doing…like they come out of the blue when your at work …keep working…keep praying …etc…calmly ignoring them…turning to something good…)

Ignore such unwanted thoughts like one would ignore a hissing goose or a barking dog. One does not stop to argue with a hissing goose or a barking dog does one? No. One keeps on walking…

(image there comes from a Carthusian Monk from centuries ago…)

Ignore such unwanted thoughts and do not fear them…just calmly turn to something good.

And as others have noted - seek out a Priest as a regular confessor to assist you.

Please, johncatholic,

Go and see your priest , and your doctor.

You have said you have anxiety, and scruples.

We are not the people to help you.

Our words and advice could work in a non positive way.

The best we can, and should do, is pray for your battle with scruples and anxiety.

Please today, now, phone your priest and discuss all these things with him.

Please read and take notice, and act on the words of Father ACEGC

A good Spiritual Director may help.

Please seek professional help. We are not capable of helping here.
Good luck!

Guys, please stop giving advice. The more different answers, the more confusion that may result for OP’s scrupulosity. The good priest has already stated that the OP needs to talk with a priest. There is no more need for posting.

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