Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit - the unforgiveable sin


From what I understand “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” - the sin Jesus calls unforgiveable in his life and the next - is rejection of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Or denial that your sins really are forgiven in reconciliation.

Who would do such a thing though? I can’t envision why someone who has come to know God could reject his mercy? I wondered if Jesus was referring to a type of person in particular?


In the context of the scripture passages, it seems this is referring to the rejection of goodness and holiness. Jesus cures someone, and instead of recognizing the action of love, he is accused of working in the name of Satan and by Satan’s power.

Those who criticize him cannot bring themselves to simply accept the good and holy work that has happened before them. (because they themselves didn’t do it, or because they just cannot stand that kind of goodness?)
Envy and pride are the sins in play here in my opinion.


So if I deeply believe that God does not care about me, I’m guilty?




The unforgivable sin, is to refuse to be sorry for our sin(s) and die in that state.


It is very real and very understandable. Some people have sinned so greatly (at least in their own estimation) that they can’t forgive themselves. It is not a far jump then for them to believe that their sins are so great that God could never forgive them either. It comes from a somewhat twisted form of scruples, and ultimately leads to despair, which is another word for the unforgivable sin. Having lost all hope in the possibility of mercy, they then resort to a life of sin, seeing no down side. Often such persons appear very jaded to good/evil and even the possibility of God.


I think he means that you have to wilfully reject God and his works and put yourself firmly in his place, that is demand worship of your self from yourself and others. taking the place of God after all is what the Anti Christ will try to do and it goes against the first commandment.


Some people reject God by thinking that their sins are unforgivable. Sometimes the guilt and despair can lead to suicide. I’ve read that it is a form of pride to think your sins are so terrible God cannot or will not forgive you. Instead of throwing themselves on God’s Infinite Mercy, they turn their backs and give themselves over to sin and iniquity.


This has always been my understanding. That one believes one can commit a sin so great that it is beyond God’s power to forgive it. Possibly what Judas felt and why he hanged himself. (although I believe there was something else in Judas’ heart)


I believe its called final impenitence, but it is a bit different from despair.


When you read the passage in question, Jesus has just cast out a demon through the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a sign, a powerful confirmation by the Holy Spirit, that Jesus is the Messiah. However, the Pharisees, threatened by Jesus reject the testimony of the Holy Spirit through this sign, and declare that Jesus not only is not the Messiah, but that he is aligned with Satan. Jesus came to redeem us from our sins, and the Holy Spirit was sent to testify about Christ. Therefore, what Jesus is essentially saying is that anyone who with a hardened heart rejects the testimony of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. This is just as true today for those who harden their hearts against the proclamation of the gospel and the sign of the resurrection, as it was for the Pharisees who rejected the testimony of the Holy Spirit in this miraculous deliverance of the demoniac. You ask who would do such a thing? Lots of people.


In college while I was a rather outspoken atheist, which I am very ashamed of now, I said “I baspheme the Holy Ghost” and cussed the spirit. Some friends of mine also did it. We said since we didn’t believe in it, that it didn’t matter and made it into a joke. This was when I was around 21-22 years old. Well I am now 30 and I am in RCIA and most definitely believe in and worship the Lord. Did I in any way commit the unforgivable sin?


How many are the sins against the Holy Ghost?
The sins against the Holy Ghost are six:
(1) Despairing of being saved;
(2) Presuming on being saved without merit;
(3) Opposing the known truth;
(4) Envying another’s graces;
(5) Obstinately remaining in sin;
(6) Final impenitence.

Why are these sins specially said to be against the Holy Ghost?
These sins are specially said to be against the Holy Ghost, because they are committed through pure malice, which is contrary to goodness, the special attribute of the Holy Ghost.



The unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit is when a person believes his sins are so great that even God Himself cannot and will not forgive him.


The opposite is also a sin against the Holy Spirit ie, Believe that God will forgive us, when we are neither contrite nor penitent


See my response just above yours. I would say no since you have been baptized and accepted the testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ.


It’s a bit of a self-pity sin. I think we all commit it at some point.

Personally, when I feel like I won’t be forgiven for sinning yet again, I hide from Him. I stop praying and talking to Him. I throw myself into worldly pursuits and just feel too ashamed. I try to put Him to the back of my mind. I end up miserable.

He is never going to force His mercy on me when I have turned my back on Him. He can’t forgive me until I let Him.


OK. Let me spell it out. I hate God. Literally.

I am so miserably unhappy with my life, and I believe that God is the reason. I believe that he has singled me out and is deliberately causing my unhappiness, sorrow, and depression. He is manipulating the events in my life to cause me to be unhappy. The only luck I ever have is Bad.

No one could have a life as unhappy as mine just by chance.

Why do I believe God is behind this? Because no one has ever been able to convince me otherwise. I am sad constantly and people ask me why I never smile. It’s because I have no reason to.

I guess it is really pointless to even be asking this question because if my life on this Earth is any indication of how much God “loves” then I expect with all certainty that I will be going to Hell.

God doesn’t love me and this is an irrefutable fact. Prove me wrong.



I think we all have struggled with despair at times in our life. We want proof that God loves us. The proof is on the cross. It is in the broken and beaten Christ, writhing naked and bleeding on the cross, in our place, for our sin. My hope today is that you would look to the cross, knowing that Christ became the curse of the law for us, so that we might be set free from bondage to sin and death. If you choose to harden your heart, I grieve for you. But don’t blame God if you reject it, you bear the responsibility for a hardened heart. I am sorry for whatever circumstances you are going through that have put you in such despair. If you need someone to pray for you, feel free to shoot me a private message, I would be happy to do so.

“For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”


That is what a prideful person would do. Pride, after all, was the sin that drove Lucifer to rebel against God. Pride was also the sin that drove Adam and Eve, who were born sinless, to disobey an order from God.

Someone might reach the point where they hate the idea of being second to anyone, even to God.

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