Blasphemy at Mass

Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope no one else here had to suffer through anything like what I did at Mass this morning. I am so sick at heart, I felt I had to say something about this.

In the pew behind me at Mass this morning sat a group of young people of both sexes, I assume college students. (My church is across the street from a large university, and there were a LOT of young people at Mass today I’ve never seen before.) These young people, but one young man in particular, were talking very loudly before Mass started and the loudmouthed one continued to talk throughout the Mass. I heard him brag that he had not been to confession since his First Communion, he told one of the other young people (who I assume was not Catholic) that “the wine tastes kind of bad” and that the Mass was “really boring.” He also asked where all these girls were that he had never seen before, that obviously they weren’t at Mass the rest of the Sundays of the year because they “were out sinning.” When the processional hymn started, he said loudly, “Should I sing?” and then proceeded to sing “Alleluia” very loudly and off-key. He mocked the priest throughout the Mass (even during the Consecration!) and then - every last one of them in the pew got up and went to Communion!

I am absolutely sick at heart. I would expect such boorish behavior from atheists, but coming from someone supposedly raised Catholic, it was unbearable. I tried praying for those people, but I really feel like it ruined my Easter and I waffle between feeling angry and very, very sad.

Has anyone else experienced anything so awful at Mass? I sure hope not!

God bless!

No I haven’t, so very sad that your Easter Mass was tarnished by them. :frowning:

I would have a word with the Priest, especially if these young people turn up again at Mass. Or perhaps an usher (if you have them at your parish) - someone who could intercede and speak to them and tell them that their behaviour is not appropriate.

Yes, in fact, I would have notified the usher as soon as I realozed that he apparently wasn’t going to ever be quiet!

And after telling the usher, I would have found another seat, or stood if there were no seats left.

grr i wish i had been there; because he wouldn’t have been. I don’t embarrass when it comes to dealing with things that need sorting. :smiley:

I woulda done some sorting also

It is always better to let a person with some authority deal with these things because then it is less likely to cause a scene in church.

Well here’s the situation I had at mass today The people who were sitting behind me after mass was over were complaining saying that the priest obviously did not have very good taste and was apparently very cheap because they could tell that the wine used was an off brand I turned to them and preceded to tell them that it wasn’t wine but that it was the precious blood Of our Saviour Jesus Christ the real blood not just a symbol I said I don’t know what kind of wine our dear priest uses nor did it matter because in the end it becomes the authentic body blood soul and divinity of christ anyway.

I understand how you feel and I’ve seen the same at my Church. I see the people in our RCIA and you can tell they’re not really into it. They talked yesterday and loudly at times, said some rude things also. They just think everything is a joke. But we also have to remember it is not our right to judge others. God is the one who does that for us. God knows that they should not receive the Eucharist if they haven’t done the proper things and I believe it is also a sin. I believe every Church has people like that… sadly.

I also was told by someone else that we should tell the people in the ministry or the priests so that they handle it properly.

We have had a few disruptive people at Mass in the past but, a simple “shhhhhh…” was enough to correct them.

One Christmas Eve, we had a man who had obviously been celebrating before Mass and was responding to Father’s homily with “Yes, Father!” "That’s just grand, Father! “I agree, Father.” He toned down for the rest of the Mass though.

Eh, that’s not a big deal. He was happy to be at Mass and glad to hear the homily, clearly.

He wasn’t, you know, mocking the priest and admitting to unconfessed mortal sins during Mass.

During one of the kneeling times, I saw this girl who looked like she was in her early twenties stretch out her legs on the chair in front of her. I mean she put both legs right on top of the section where the woman in front of her would have been sitting if she were not kneeling. I couldn’t believe it.

Pray for them.

*Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. * 1 Corinthians 11:27

There once was a time when people actually revered the Catholic Church.

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I didn’t have anything this bad but it wasn’t pleasant. With my parish when you walk in, it is dark and no one talks and people are praying. You can just feel in the air an atmosphere of respect and reverence.

I went to a different church for Easter vigil b/c I was visiting family. I was appalled. People were walking all over the altar talking and playing around, no one was praying. everyone was walking around talking, and not about church related things. Kids were running up and down the aisle. The choir started to practice and tune up their guitar! AGH I was having flashbacks to a protestant Church. The altar boy kept messing up things during the mass and he kept making these faces to people out in the pews.

I was so distracted

He may have been happy but, the rest of the people at Mass were not. It is not seen proper behaviour to come to Church when one has had a little too much drink beforehand and prone to outbursts. He could have stayed at home and gone for Mass on Christmas Day instead.

He definitely needs a lot of payer, and we should all pray for people like that. I remember being some what like that when I was younger and before I really understood what was going on and got serious about my faith. After realizing now how ignorant and disrespectful I was, I still feel bad for being like that and continue to repent. Sorry you experienced that.

Pray for them. Their behavior was inappropriate, but they clearly do not know how much the Faith can change their lives for the better.

One ought not to toss the word “Blasphemy” around too casually.

Yes, you get a lot of people on Easter who don’t go the rest of the year. And yes, if people don’t go very often, then chances are they don’t know how to behave very well, aren’t too familiar with the Mass, make odd comments or inappropriate jokes… Especially teenagers & young adults - they have recently discovered irony and sarcasm, and believe a heavy dose is needed in every situation.

However, irreverence combined with ignorance is not the same thing as blasphemy. Perhaps closer attention to the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday & Good Friday will clarify this?

On the other hand - since these kids bother to show up at Church at all on Easter, even when they’re out from under Mommy & Daddy’s thumb, maybe it shows some glimmer of the Holy Spirit stirring in them. So maybe 10-15 years from now, you’ll see them at Mass regularly on Sunday, trying to get their little kids to sit still and pay attention. Believe me, we are well past the point where people who otherwise feel no connection to the church feel any sense of obligation to show up even on Easter.

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