If you curse or strike a priest or nun, or murder a nun or priest, or curse the Holy Spirit , but are truly sorry in your heart and confess these sins to a priest. I’m speaking of people who knew better but decided that they sincerely wanted to change.Will you be forgiven? Can any and all sins be forgiven if you truly repent from your heart to God? I’m thinking of ISIS, and thinking of Sol, also people who have blown up catholic churches and killed priest and Christians.


If one is truly sorry and takes the proper means(like baptism or confession) to repent they will be forgiven. God’s mercy with the contrite is infinite because Christ’s sacrifice on the cross has infinite value. However the person must be contrite to be forgiven


Re: Confession of some sins –

Some really unusual sins are reserved for bishops to deal with (although they usually give that authority to all their priests), and some unusual sins are reserved for the Pope to deal with (although the Pope usually gives that power to many papal legates and bishops, and the Year of Mercy “missionaries of mercy” priests will also be given that power by the Pope).

But even if there’s some extra wrinkles to the process sometimes – yes, any penitent sinner can get absolved of even the worst sins. The only person who can prevent that is the sinner himself – by not repenting and by not going to Confession.


I think of what Paul did before Jesus met him on the road to Damascus.


God cannot refuse a contrite heart. :heart:

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