Does anyone have any tips on what to say to someone when they Blaspheme. It’s happeneing alot around me and i don’t know what to say.



There are many forms, which form are you hearing?

Isn’t it ironic that you ask God to damn someone, while you refused to honor his request about taking is name in vain?


I don’t know what you mean, i don’t want these people to de dammed! I want to make them aware of their sin so they may be delivered. It’s just i am scared of saying something and don’t know what to say


I think I’d just say, that “course language is offensive to me. I’d appreciate it if you would consider my feelings if you can.” I’d not tell anyone about their “sin”, nor about your religious beliefs. Such things are seldom welcomed in the work place, and often prohibited.


This is something i am really struggling, isn’t it my Christian duty to make somone aware of their sin:

This is from the cathecism of the catholic church

Ccc 1868

The taditional list on how we might partake in other people’s sin is:

By counsel
By command
By consent
By provocation
By praise or flattery
By concealment
By partaking
** By silence **
By defense of the ill done


If you know them well enough just be upfront and say something like “Dude, take it easy with that.”

Otherwise just make an aspiration of “My Jesus, mercy.”

Then secretly pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for 'em.


I will usually just say, “please don’t take my Lord’s name in vain.”


I would speak quietly to a person (separately if more than one) and just explain that I believe Jesus Christ is God and that I find it upsetting when I hear His Name being used as an expletive or swear word. And ask if they would try to avoid doing so when I am around.

Having said that, I once worked in a rough environment where many workers blasphemed and if I had approached them they would probably have made a point to do so more frequently. Until I could find another job I spent my whole shift almost, praying in reparation every time I heard a swear word.


I’ve developed a simple use of the one word ‘language!’ (as in ‘mind your …’) which, with the right tone of voice and volume, can be quite effective :slight_smile:

Best to let people know beforehand, in a quiet way, that I am a serious Catholic. Then they’ll know why I say it and that I mean it.


I’d still say in a work setting you better be quite careful. If the person should ask you why you object, I’d just say, my faith teaches that using such words offends God, and so it makes me uncomfortable.

I recognize the biblical exhortation to not leave your neighbor in sin when he may be unaware, but I remember also about removing the plank from me own eye before telling my neighbor of his. I think there is a proper time to give advice about another’s proposed sin, and that is when they ask.

Those who make others uncomfortable by their preaching often drive more away than toward God. (I’m not suggesting you are like this mind you).

good luck


not only are you blaspheming against the Almighty but you are also directly insulting me by insulting my religion and my beliefs, and I would appreciate if, in the future, you do not use such language in my hearing. thank you.
same way I would respond if they tell off-color jokes, make racial slurs, demeaning ethnic jokes or other offensive speech around me.


please tell which forms of blaspheme you are trying to address. The core of blaspheme is to state or imply that one has the authority of God as when damning someone else, or providing eternal judging of them. Blaspheme does not require foul language. In the earlier post I listed one reply which could be used. Others also gave advise however you are leaving us to guess what we are addressing.


People are using God’s name lightly as in general conversation ans an expression of surprise etc.


Hit them with a milk can, nah don’t.


That is so common now days. It never used to be so, I don’t think anyway. It’s all over TV. I’d probably do something like…:tsktsk: Or just flat out tell them away from others and in as charitable a manner as I could.

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