What is the best way to deal with blasphemy (people making insulting or outrageous remarks about God, etc)? Is anger an appropriate reaction? Is it better to be confrontational with the blasphemer and defend the faith, to remove oneself from the situation, or to just ignore it?
(Because sometimes I get extremely angry when I hear anti-Christian hate speech, though I’m sure I should try and resist this)

A initial reaction of anger is ok… you can’t control an emotional reaction/passion like that… but once that split-second judgement goes away, we must remember that the Lord says, “Everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment.”

In situations like this I just ask the person not to make remarks like that… if they persist, I just walk away… all we can do is pray for them.

Anger just leads to violence and that is (I’m sure) not how you would like to behave.


You could try evangelizing. Not easy, but maybe you are put in this situation for just that purpose.

I had a moment that I think I commited blasphemy and Im scared to death that I am condemend after reading this. I will tell u what I did.

I got into a big fight with mom and dad and to make a long story short I called God a bunch of names and they were bad names. I wasnt doing it as much as I was angry with God but I was doing it because I was immature back then and knew it was hurting my parents. I have since come to love God with all my heart and soul and I love my family alot too and the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone.

So Im afraid after calling God all these names that I am condemend no matter what I do. Is this blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which is unforgiveable?

No, absolutely not! Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is impenitence, and it certainly seems that you are penitent (…right? :p).

Drew, remember that the only “unforgivable” sin is the one you don’t ask forgiveness for. Christ in his Divine Mercy forgives all! Just ask for His Mercy. Want His Mercy. Accept His Mercy.

Imagine if you only preached to the choir. Rather boring, i’d say. The hidden beauty of these “random” encounters is that it offers an individual of faith the opportunity to dig deep within him or her learnings in order to bring about the right wordings and mood that will reach them.

Be patient and soon you will discover your own “style” in dealing with these lost sheep.

That can work in some cases. But avowed atheists and people of other faiths who make insulting remarks against Christianity, there are no words that can reach these people. I think only experience can change them.

This is something that gets on my nerves lately, and I do say something. I don’t get angry, I just let people know that it is completely not acceptable to talk that way around me. I know I have no control over their beliefs and that I can not force them to treat God with respect, but at least I can let them know that such talk is offensive to me personally.

People like that are usually the first ones to shout “I’m offended!” (often in a court of law) at the mere mention of God’s name.

Say a hail mary silently. That’s what I do when I hear “JC!”

I find when I’ve been in the general vicinity of blasphemy and swearing, I try to say the Divine Praises when I get home.

People say stupid things all the time.

If you know that someone is saying something stupid, then I suggest you treat them exactly the way you might treat a schizophrenic homeless person arguing with themselves on the subway: you should offer them carefully-distanced pity until you are no longer required to interact with them.

Regarding “A Sin Against The Holy Spirit,” I just responded to a post earlier today about that. The way I was taught it, to sin against the Holy Spirit is to despair that the Love of God is unlimited by human comprehension.

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