Blast in Germany's Ansbach caused by explosive device: authorities


One person has been killed and 10 injured in an explosion in Ansbach, near the German city of Nuremberg, that appears to be intentional, Government authorities say.

The blast was caused by an explosive device, the mayor of Ansbach told reporters, according to the news


More tragic news, a steady stream of violence.

Praying for the souls of the departed and injured, and for the families and friends.


Germany blast: Syrian migrant ‘behind Ansbach explosion’


praying for the injured and the families.


Many, many people were expecting this. Hope and prayer… :frowning:


Why is Germany being targeted now? I thought that jihadists somewhat respected Germany.


It is time for Merkel to resign.




Praying for the deceased & injured & their families.


As I’ve been telling people after Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge, etc, in a week or so we’ll be talking about the next attack.


Does seem it’s time to take it to Daesh. They’ve been far too effective in converting locally grown people. And when I say take it to them it’s not just hit them in the physical world, but online as well. Time for targeting takedowns of their message boards and other sites they interact online sharing illegal bomb making plans and otherwise engaging in criminal conspiracies.




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