Blending Psychology (Jungian etc.) and Spirituality

In our weekly Church bulletins the Director of Spiritual Formation has been encouraging parishioners to join a new group that will explore night dreams as a means to be more open to God and to yourself. When I inquired about this seemingly unorthodox program, the director told me that they are based on Carl Jung’s teachings and are a “blending of psychology and spirituality.” The director also provided me with suggested reading material by the following authors: John Sanford, Wallace Clift, Louis Savary, Jeremy Taylor, and Patricia Garfield. Does this “Dream Group” sound like a valuable and authentically Catholic approach to strengthening one’s relationship with God? Should I respectfully and politely bring my concerns to my priest?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you.

This is a serious matter and should be immediately brought to the attention of your pastor. Jungian psychology is spiritual poison. The recent Church document *Jesus Christ The Bearer of the Water of Life- A Christian reflection on the “New Age” * explains how Jungian psychology is completely irreconcilable with Catholic teaching. To read the document in its entirety click here.

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