Blessed Anticipation :)


For what seems like the first time in a very long time, DH and I have date nights planned this weekend (BOTH Fri and Sat!!!) and my cycles are cooperating!

I know we see a lot of threads in here about how “tough” it is sometimes to use NFP when trying to avoid pregnancy. But I was thinking today…this weekend…this blessed anticipation when everything comes together…is so wonderful and I think sometimes we NFP’ers don’t do enough to share how wonderful the “courtship” during the fertile times of the cycle is as it leads up to the Phase III part of the cycle.

Obviously, achieving pregnancy is a wonderful blessed anticipatory time as well…but when a couple is seeking to avoid pregnancy (with careful discernment)…I just thought a discussion on the courtship part of our cycles might be fun instead of explaining that we must sacrifice and sometimes it’s hard to abstain for two weeks or whatever it is we find difficult about NFP.

I’ll start. :smiley:

This cycle, my DH has been wonderful. We didn’t know it was going to end up that our date nights would coincide with our “safe” time…but how sweet it is that they do!!!

As part of his “courting” me this month, my DH has:

  1. taken care of our lawn in the early spring to get things looking beautiful!
  2. Given me hugs and a peck on the cheek (in front of my DD#1, age 5.5 blush and go “uhhh, mom…dad!” as she rolls her eyes with a knowing grin) :love:
  3. Taken 1-year-old DD#3 to the doc, helped with her surgery (had tubes inserted in her ears).
  4. Bathed all three girls at least once a week to give me a night off…sometimes twice a week.

So…how does your courtship work?

Note: I hope it’s appropriate to post this sort of topic here. :o If not, I’m sorry…


Well, as my cycles are definitely NOT cooperating right now (postpartum breastfeeding chaos, lol) I will live vicariously through you if you don’t mind;) . Have a great weekend for all of us!

**It is refreshing to see a thread about NFP being used to avoid that isn’t about complaints:thumbsup: **



That was definitely my intent! There are tangible benefits to NFP…in addition to the spiritual and it’s so heavenly (seriously) to bask in each other’s prescence and know that you give all of yourself to each other. It intensifies when the week or two of abstinence leading up to Phase III is filled with generous deeds between husband and wife and definitely when displayed in front of children. Sigh…I just love my DH right now. :love: Love of spouse is always a choice we make…but it sure is nice when it’s not a hard choice to make!


You really are going to have a great weekend!:wink:



Last year (I think it was about a year ago) 4 of my closest friends -3 of which I’ve known since I was 12 (none are Catholic) and I were having brunch at one of their houses. Well they cornered me in the kitchen and asked me why I had such a great sex life :eek: . (I don’t talk about my sex life, they regularly have made negative comments about theirs and I have remained silent -apprently they noticed my silence.)

Any whoo…after blushing from embarressment and spending a few moments speachless…I told them I really think it was the NFP. Absence makes the heart grow founder kind of thing. Hubby gets a chance to show affection without me think there is ulterior motive and I get a breather from hubby’s very active libido. That and he is good at it (hee hee:blush: ). I really do think waiting keeps things more exciting.


I just wanted to add that I feel my husband is much more passionate due to occassionally having to wait. I too have noticed the complaints from my girlfriends and I believe they think my husband and I are abnormal for still enjoying our conjugal life at our age. If only they understood what the world keeps from them, they would see that it’s not abnormal! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you two! I think the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true in “abstinence makes the heart grow fonder” too!! How wonderful!


Oh I’m enjoying this thread… thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s one of our favorite phrases… “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder”…

Well my husband and I have a very “odd” relationship, in that I’m usually the one (no matter what phase) initiating…
We have a very humor-filled life… and his general reaction to Phase 2 (fertile time) is “Oh thank God I can have a break now!” (totally in humor!)… so we really play on this theme in humor throughout phase 2.

When Phase 3 is approaching I usually start into my normal “tactics” of making sure he’s “prepared” for what’s about to come (again, all in humor). One (goofy) thing I enjoy doing is sending “meeting notices” from our Outlook email calenders at work… and I schedule the pop-up reminder to show up 30 minutes before he leaves work… just to frighten…errr, I mean WARN him that I have intentions for that evening.

LOL… probably sounds really stupid, but we’re geeks and we have lots of fun and laughs… so it works for us!
(ya’ll probably think I’m a dork now, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: )


NOt at all, Emily! I think that is so cute!


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