Blessed Brownscapular?

I just had our Lady of Mt Carmel brown scapular blessed by my parish priest. I didnt have the formal blessing that came with the scapular that i should of gave to the priest so he could of recited it. He did bless it though and used holy water. I cant remember what he said except at the end he recited a hail mary. He probably gave it a general blessing like he would anything else. Anyone think i should have it blessed again using the formal prayer that was sent with the scapular ?

Yes, I would. Go ahead and wear it for now though. Next time you go to Mass take the enrollment with you and ask your priest to enroll you and hand it to him. It doesn’t take very long :slight_smile:

Yes, Rachel is correct. Go ahead and wear it but ask the priest to enroll you. Then follow the instructions to obtain the Sabbatine Privilage.

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