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On Sunday my friends at church took me to see a blessed icon. It was the first time that I had ever experienced something like this or even heard of it so the sight in itself was a blessing. It was an icon of the Virgin Mary with Child and it was brought to the United States from Hawaii and was circling the mainland and then was to return back to Hawaii. The icon is considered blessed because Virgin Mary started crying tears of myrrh ( i do not know how long ago) and people have reported miracles after praying for the Theotokos intercession thru this icon. On the drive back from the church, my friend and I started talking about the state of the world. We both became convinced that Mary was crying because she sees what her Son has died for and is not happy with us. We also became convinced that God’s heart must be broken considering the state of the country, individuals and the world. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think God’s heart is broken?


My dear friend

It’s a very nice pious thought but God is immutable, never changing. We cannot grieve God. We only hurt ourselves. The thorns, swords, teers etc are done to try and help us. But they are not saddened. We harm ourselves, others and all of creation by sinning and living out of harmony with nature. God and our Blessed Mother are simply trying to get us to help ourselves with these symbols and devotions.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


What about the book of Hosea where God talks about His heart being broken in two?


The icon is blessed because it’s an icon. It’s holiness derives from the prototype.

You mean a MIRACULOUS, and in this case myrrh-streaming, icon.


That’s what I meant. :slight_smile:


My dear friend

God cannot suffer in heaven. Jesus did suffer and die for us once and for all, but once in heaven He suffers no more. A lot of the images we have of God suffering are for our own good. We are the ones suffering and God uses whatever means He can to stop us harming ourselves, Having said that we can reduce Christs or our Lady’s suffering by sharing in it in this life. We can share the suffering they underwent in this world, as the good book says we make up what is lacking in Christs afflictions. But there is no suffering in heaven. We see an image of an angered God in the OT too, but I don’t think God gets angry. It’s just for our own good we have this imagery. God sends no one to hell either- we send ourselves. Hope this helps dear friend.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



while I agree with John that there is no suffering in Heaven, I think this is sort of a mystery cause I know in some private revelations to the Saints, Jesus has said that He’s hurt by our sins and by indifference/mistrust… (this was told to St Margaret Mary, St Faustina, etc)

I think it’s very likely that the icon of Our Lady was crying because of all the sin in the world…

God bless


My dearest friend

Jesus and Mary are grieved that we hurt ourselves, although they say it hurts them in heaven. During their earthly life they bore the consequences of our sins most excellently with the cross. Jesus’ suffering was infinite as God and very great as man. Mary suffered a tremendous spiritual martyrdom too. We can assist, comfort, console, strengthen, support and be there for them in their earthly trials because their is no time with God. We can place ourselves at this time and join our sufferings and sacrifices with theirs to alleviate their burden a little. I think this is why we have Jesus and Mary asking us to atone to alleviate their sufferiing? I think this is why dear Monica. I can stand corrected if I’m wrong.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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