Blessed Medals and Scapulars for Non-Catholics

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Is it okay to give non-Catholics blessed medals and scapulars such as the St. Benedict medals, Miraculous Medals, brown Scapular, and green scapular ? Do you think it would be a good or bad idea? I have loved ones who work in law enforcement and are serving in the military, but are non-Catholics or have converted to another Christian religion. I was told that I should pray for them and their safety always but I still want to provide them with scapulars and medals. I have really high anxiety level and when they are deployed or are in harm’s way I get sick and very worried. Actually I just want to provide them with Sacramentals whether or not on duty or service. Any input is appreciated!

Yes, you may. However, I would ask those persons for permission first to ensure that they would treat the sacramental with the proper respect.

Without the proper degree of understanding and acceptance on their part, I would be concerned that they would regard the items more as superstition than sacramentals.

I would just give them a cross without a corpus. The medal or scapular might not get worn, or may not be as respected as it should. They would probably wear the cross, and it would remind them of Christ, who is the Person the Saints direct their prayers to and is the ultimate source of protection and comfort.

That’s my take on it too, but it can also be extended to the person giving it.

If the person you are giving it to is not going to pray then the sacramental, in of itself, is not going to help them. A scapular is not some type of faith powered bulletproof vest. A sacramental is a thing set aside for a specific purpose. That purpose is not fulfilled if the sacramental is not used in prayer.

That is not to say that you can’t give them a sacramentals and pray for them, but we need to be careful in thinking that sacramental have “power” simply by merely carrying them. Just like a rosary that is never prayed with doesn’t confer graces, neither does a medal provide benefit when the patron’s intercession isn’t regularly requested.

A cruciform medal is a cross shape, and has the image of the Sacred Heart on it, along with other images…

Service members are permitted to wear a faith emblem along with the dog tags. Unless they carry the other medals in their wallets, it would not be worn. Non-Catholic GIs would likely default to a plain cross.

There’s a different mentality among Servicemembers who are going into battle. Any little thing from a loved one should mean the world to them. Including an explanation of a medallion would be helpful. Try a medallion of the Holy Face.

When hubby was in Gulf War I, anything Catholic received in the mail landed in his slot. Non-Catholics are NOT going to read such items.


Blessed medals,and Scapulars,are for all that will wear them with Faith,but I would tell the person why they should wear it, and if their non Catholic,try and see if they will, because Our Lady will be very pleased. AMEN

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