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:slight_smile: some time ago I got a rosary and a Miraculous Medal, and today I asked my priest to bless them. He said a prayer over them and made the sign of the cross, but he didn’t use holy water. I heard before that many priests do use holy water to bless objects… now I’m wondering, what is the norm here? Is it still valid without holy water? How do your priests bless rosaries, medals, etc?

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Have had several objects blessed, including my baby. Never have had them use Holy Water. it is still perfectly valid.


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well I was also wondering, can anyone just take some holy water from the baptism font at church (for home)? Or is this something you should ask the priest about?


i’ve had several objects blessed recently and he just prayed a blessing and did the sign of the cross


You should take holy water from a holy water font. The water in the baptism font is not usually holy water. Most churches have a tank of holy water with a spigot where people can fill bottles to take home.


oh oki! thanks! I guess I’ll ask my priest about this…how it’s like at my parish. :wink:


Okay, so - as old as I am and should know the answers to this question - I’ll say it begs more:

  1. Are we saying here that it’s okay to just have the priest’s blessing without the holy water? That’s what I’m understanding from this - and it’s regarding religious objects, right?.

  2. Do these objects have more / less power/validity if NOT blessed? Rosary beads, Miraculous Medals - or any medals, Crosses/Crucifixes, and so on?

    • yes :slight_smile:
    • hmm… I think that you can still use unblessed objects. But it’s good to have them blessed because the blessing is a sacramental?


I had a Rosary blessed today. Father took it in his hands, and blessed it… but did not use holy water. I don’t think the use of holy water is necessary. The fact that an object is blessed by the consecrated hands of a priest or deacon is more than sufficient.

Hope this helps. God bless.


Thanks, yes. I’d think so - recalling asking for the priest’s blessing as a child. It’s the consecrated hands of the priest. But then, it begs the question of - “why holy water?”…I can’t believe I’m asking that question - I should know this one !


“CO”… Well, my understanding of holy water is this… that it is first, a Sacramental… like a Rosary, or Scapular. The purpose… to remind us of our Baptisms.

So… maybe the use of holy water, in blessing other items… is just for that reason, to remind us of our Baptism?

That seems logical to me. I hope that made sense. lol. :shrug:


During the Pope’s weekly general audiences, he usually blesses pilgrims’ religious articles towards the end of the event. Because of the nature of having such a big crowd before him, he extends out his hands, reads the blessing, and that’s it, the religious articles are automatically blessed. There is never any holy water involved.

My guess is that blessing with holy water is only optional. What should matter most is the fact that a priest says a blessing prayer over the object to be blessed.


How does he bless plain water, with holy water ?It would be like… what came first, the “Chicken or the Egg”.:)The same way he would bless plain water, is the same way he blesses other things too.


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