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I have a miraculous medal and two St. Dymphna tokens and a rosary that has been blessed. They are all lying on the floor and I pick them up and carry them when I want protection and blessing. Is it wrong to lie a blessed object on the floor. I have many things lying on the floor.

Why do you keep them on the floor?

As per their nature as sacramentals you shouldn’t leave them on the floor, you might step on them and break them etc. You could hang them on a wall or put on a table, etc. I woudn’t go as far as saying it’s wrong.

It depends on why they are on the floor. I lay things on the floor for different reasons.

I might have a group of books or other items on the floor because that was the place I chose to store them. There is nothing wrong with the floor.

I might have a Bible, a prayer book, a rosary sitting on the floor. I mean no disrespect by choosing the floor. Sometimes a place on the floor is even tidier and cleaner than a dresser.

If you toss a sacramental aside like a gum wrapper, that would be a wrong way to treat the blessed item.

If you simply find the floor a good place to store your sacramentals - its okay.

I just wondered yes it’s about the safest place around.

Frankly, I would not treat sacramentals like that by leaving them on the floor. I do not think it’s an excuse by saying its cleaner and tidier than tables, dressers or whatever. If that’s the case then there is a real problem with housekeeping habits!!
You should treat sacramentals with respect. In my opinion putting them on the floor does not do that.

Tables do not have to be cluttered to decide to place items on the floor.

However, some people may find the floor is less cluttered than a table or dresser.

(Cluttered tabletops may be a “housekeeping” problem to one person and acceptable “housekeeping” to another - its a matter of opinion.)

Another person may find a place on the floor makes for a good place to store items, even with clean dressers.

You can treat sacramentals with respect and still place them on the floor.

Some people think the floor is a place of disrespect. I believe items can be placed on a floor and still be respectful. What is respectful for one person, may be disrespectful for someone else.

I don’t think you need an “excuse” to place sacramentals on the floor… it can be a purposeful choice to select a spot on the floor for storing the items.

According to Mary’s instruction to St. Catherine Laboure, the miraculous medal should be worn. So it would be a good thing to put in on a chain and wear it.


I didn’t know that. I always carried it in my pocket. The medal that is. Do you know where I can find this info? I must’ve missed it.

should a rosary be wore? As a witness?

Rosaries are normally not wore since they are not jewelry.

Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal Story

Which says extraordinary graces are given to those who WEAR it, not leave it lying on the floor.

For some people storing it on the floor or an a chest - means the same - no disrespect.

I’m sure God blesses people who have Miraculous Medals, yet decide not to wear them. I have many medals and normally choose not to wear any jewelry except my wedding/engagement rings.

If the OP wishes to wear his MM, or to store it for whatever reason on the floor, I think God is very pleased that that he uses the sacramental to draw himself closer to Mother Mary and to God.

There are so many different sacramentals and people are drawn to different ones.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

The medal is meant to be worn.
Also leaving any sacramental lying around on the floor, in my opinion, is certainly not storing it. Nobody stores something on the floor. It is simply a sloppy housekeeping habit.

Yes, people do store things on the floor.

Storing or placing and arranging items on the floor in your opinion may be a sloppy housekeeping habit. Someone can neatly store or lay items on the floor.

On another note, if someone is “sloppy” - they, too, can store something on the floor without being disrespectful. God can still be pleased that they use sacramentals to draw themselves closer to Himself, His Mother, and the saints.

The floor is not a place of disrespect.

When it comes to a sacramental we will have to agree to disagree. Dumping a sacramental on the floor (disguised by a nicer word “stored”) will always in my opinion show a complete lack of respect.
It should be worn, hung on a wall, or placed on a table, dresser top.

The OP did not ask about dumping his blessed objects on the floor. He said that he lays them on the floor.

Deciding that the OP has a complete lack of respect for his blessed objects is rude to him.

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