Blessed Sacramental Oil

Hello! I have blessed (exorcised) oil olive oil in my home that was recently blessed and possibly exorcised at a Latin Votive Mass…i read somewhere on this forum that we should be very reverent with sacramentals like this…Last night, I poured the blessed olive oil over my food in my favorite bowl and then accidentally spilled almost a half a cup of (unblessed) salt over it, rendering the food inedible…I would bury the food but I live in an apartment with no private yard. Is it ok to dispose the food/oil in the garbage? Any alternatives? Thx!


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sorry…i posted this to wrong forum!!

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I moved to Moral Theology because of your questions.

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Oh, why did you put it over the food?

If you don’t have any choices, you can burn them. This is not a great idea but try to make a pancake out of it and throw them to the fire :fire: When you wash the pan, try to collect the water and pour it into your plants.

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Blessed/Exorcised Oil is not to be confused with Holy Oils used for Sacraments.


Thx… I read somewhere that people eat blessed salt so I figured it was the same for oil…I guess i won’t eat blessed salt anymore either…

Now I feel horrible because after I poured all the food into a plastic bag to save/burn, I washed the bottom of the bowl as usual all and poured the soap (possibly remnants of blessed oil) down the drain .Am I my under the pain of sin? I’m sorry Lord!!

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It’s perfectly fine to continue to use blessed oil and salt in cooking.

Thx! But I don’t cook the oil down…i pour raw olive oil on my food…is it ok after eating all the food to, to clean the bowl and pour remnants down the drain or is that disrespectful? The other poster mentioned pouring the remnants into your plants but I don’t have any plants…I’m too lazy to water them lol!

There is no harm in consuming blessed salt, blessed oil (unless there are health/sanitary concerns - not all blessed oils are suitable for consumption), or holy water (again, provided it’s sanitary). Treat the blessed substances with as much reverence and care as you can; that’s all that can be asked of anyone.

The distinction between a blessed oil and a sacramental oil (used for the sacraments) is an important one as well.

Thx…yes…this was a bottle of extra virgin olive oil that was put at the front of the Church and was blessed during a Latin Votive Mass…Maybe if I want to be extra reverent I can save the wash water and pour it into the grass on my street since I don’t have plants as the other person suggested.i just wanted to make sure that washing the bowls normally is OK to do… The other poster suggested burning the food that is inedible yet covered in the oil…maybe i’ll ask a friend with a fireplace to burn it…thx

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