Blessed Theophany

Oh, and remember your Holy Water!




Deyim, Deyim!

The Maronite & Melkite greeting for Epiphany. It translates to “Everlasting, Everlating!”.



Theophany Water is NOT the same thing as Holy Water. It is Sanctified, not blessed!


Your right! My mistake lol


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Well, you can receive both (like I did), of course.

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You know what? I did the exact same thing last year! I thought saying “Holy Water” - even though that is NOT correct - would somehow be helpful for Latin Rite Catholics who were participating in the Theophany thread. I shouldn’t have done that. :frowning_face:


My Priest told us in the Eastern tradition (Ukrainian Rite) that Theophany water is one step below the Eucharist.

Jesus is baptized in the Jordon by John.


wrong thread

That is one giant step.

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Yes. If one cannot qualify for receiving the Eucharist for whatever reason however is practicing the faith one receives the Theophany Water instead (similar rules, must be drunk on an empty stomach, however there are no required prayers before and after receiving it).


Could he have possibly said that in the Liturgical Calendar, Theophany is the second most important date (with Pascha being the most important)?

No he said exactly what I said before, that Theophany water which is sanctified water is a very powerful sacramental that is considered one step lower than the Eucharist.

What I think he means is that it is so infused with the graces of the Holy Spirit it’s very close to the Eucharist but obviously not on the same level hence a step lower.

Put this way he had paper cups we drank out of and he had us stack them up because he has to dispose of them properly in a furnace.

Some of us brought jugs of spring water because in the past we would use bottles instead of a large bucket, he dipped the containers of water into the tub of Theophany water, then instructed me to properly dispose of the plastic bottle in a reverent way since it was now blessed.

We plan on taking it empty next year and filling it up with Theophany water.

This also was told to us, and that it was a good practice to consume a tsp of Theophany water daily especially before fasting.

You can even add it to raw food to bless your food, needless to say Theophany water is very sacred in the East.

This photo came from Alaska (Homer) - On the Day of Theophany…
It is a stunning Cross upon the Water…
Upon the ocean…

The link is utterly safe…

I was unable to copy the photo itself…


Our Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest told us that in his homily!

How did your pastor instruct you to dispose of it reverently? I have a plastic water bottle (it once had spring water in it - the kind that you get in the grocery store, not a holy water bottle) that I filled with Theophany Water last year. I don’t want to use it this year and can’t bear to put it in recycling.

I guess he thinks once you put Theophany water in the container it becomes blessed… The way he explained it recently made sense.

Although I have always thought it a bit odd, I have never had a Priest tell me a wrapper or box becomes blessed, usually it’s never the container but the object that gets blessed.

I guess he prefers we stick them in a incinerator but usually I just sick that sort of stuff in the recycling.

When I was little my parents would always give me Theophany Water or holy water from St. Anne’s shrine in Canada when I was sick.

So how long should one wait after eating to have Theophany Water if similar rules apply?

I’m not sure because we receive blessed bread after the liturgy ends and then have a fellowship.

I don’t think it’s quite like receiving communion, it’s just one of the most powerful sacramentals so it’s very sacred.

@dochawk, @Margaret_Ann, @George720 and others, what do you do with the sanctified water you take home from Theophany?


I take a little before going to bed at night and pray while taking it.

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