Blessed Yvette

Hi Everyone
I am Greek Orthodox and live in Cyprus. My cousin, who is also Orthodox, is very sick. I firmly believe that we must not lose hope.
Over the last two weeks she has spoken of seeing a lady called Yvette who is of “French origin”. This lady has come to her several times and has promised to help. My cousin feels that she is a saint.
Bearing in mind that Yvette is not a Greek name and that there is no Orthodox Saint Yvette we have all been quite surprised. I believe that this is not a case of hallucination. If it was surely she would “hallucinate” a familiar Saint to her.
I have searched on line and found information regarding Blessed Yvette of Huy (Belgium).
Does anyone know of a church which venerates her and does anyone have any thoughts regarding the above.
Thank you

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