Blesses marriages


We are getting married on the beach next month.What do we have to do to get our marriage blessed when we come back.


You should probably ask the priest who helped you get the bishop’s permission to get married on the beach.


Have you been taking the marriage preparation classes required by your diocese?


Assuming that you do not have a dispensation, you will have to have your marriage convalidated since your marriage will be invalid due to lack of form (i.e. married outside the Church without a dispensation).

Or am I missing something here?


We are both catholic,we have been both married before,outside of the church.We are adults we do not need no ones premission to get married on the beach.All I want to know is what we have to do get our marriage blessed.If you cannot help do respond.


Did both of you receive a Declaration of Nullity for your previous marriages?


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I thought this might help answer a lot of questions about remarrying, and so forth, from a Catholic perspective. I thought this was a neat website, myself.

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Why are you being married on a beach? You should contact your parish right away and ask your priest for advice. If the beach service is not being conducted by a priest, you will need permission from the Bishop. If this is a ‘destination’ wedding, you might want to see if there is anyway you can have the Catholic sacrament before you leave and just have the destination part for show.


There seem to be quite a few issues with the way you’re proceeding. The best advice I can give you is to speak to your priest and follow his advice.


If you have received a Declaration of Nullity for your previous marriage and get married on the beach without a dispensation - your marriage will be invalid due to lack of form. You will have to have your marriage convalidated.

If you have not received a Declaration of Nullity, you are not free to marry. However, if you do so anyway, outside the Church (i.e. on the beach), your marriage will be invalid. You will not be able to get your marriage convalidated until you receive a Declaration of Nullity from your previous marriage.

If you have received a Declaration of Nullity from your previous marriage, and you do have a dispensation from the Bishop, then your marriage will be valid.

And, so we’re clear, a convalidation is a wedding ceremony - not a blessing. So, the date of the convalidation is the date you are married in the eyes of the Church.

(This applies to both of you since you are both Catholic.)

Does this help?


Sounds like a little trolling…

This person “was already married” in this last post.


You’ll have to make an appointment with your parish priest. You have to get annulments of the first marriages. You have to take the marriage preparation classes. You will have to go to confession for making an invalid marriages. Reconsider. This is not the way to attempt to enter into a Sacrament.


Wait, that post was in February, and she’s now getting married on the beach next month?


From what I can glean: this user was married in 1996 by a pentecostal preacher, got divorced between 1996 and 1998, and started dating a new man in 1998. That relationship lasted 11 years, and in 2009 she finally convinced him to marry her. She was apparently married by a justice of the peace in April 09 but now plans to get married on a beach in Sept 09 (I assume the post in April was a ruse to get an answer, and that’s about when he proposed and she was working through her options).

During the 11 year relationship, was welcomed into the Church, but did not receive Communion (cohabitation and fornication with her boyfriend at the time). I would assume she has an annulment if she came into the Church after her divorce.

If she wants some guidance, the first thing she should do is validate that the above is correct so we know the story. The second thing we need to know is if the fiance received an annulment for his first marriage. It sounds like he also came into the Church during that 11 year period, and so I would assume he did as well. Is that a correct assumption?

So, assuming the assumptions are correct, the next question is if she met with a priest or deacon to go through the proper premarital counseling.

We are adults we do not need no ones premission to get married on the beach.

Actually, do you need someone’s permission. If he was still legally married or a blood relative, the state wouldn’t issue you a marriage license. So you need the state’s permission to get married. Also, you do need permission to get married on a beach. If you live in Louisiana, you can’t go over to Texas and get married on a beach without permission from the county with jurisdiction over the beach. And depending on the county, you might need a permit to get married on a public beach.

There’s a similar application and approval in the Church.


Oh ok. Well my answer in Post #10 still stands, as far as I know anyway.

(Except for the marriage prep stuff.) My wife and I are converts, so we were married 7 years before we converted. I honestly don’t know much about the requirements for that.


The marriage prep has to do with whether or not she has the necessary paperwork to marry, in this case, a Dispensation from the Canonical Form of Marriage and if she has gone through pre marriage counseling with a priest, as well as pre-Cana.

Your comments in post #10 look to be correct, but I think she’s looking for a direct answer, not a series of “if… then” statements. I’m just asking the questions in your “if” statements so that we can point her towards the correct “then”.


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