Blessing a Rosary

  1. Is it appropriate for me (a non-Catholic at this point) to ask a priest to bless a new Rosary?
  2. Is this a time-consuming process–something for which I should take time out of my day and make an appointment with the priest? Or something he can do in 15 seconds on a moment’s notice, out in the hallway after Mass?
  3. I also have an older Rosary that was a gift from my very devout late fiance, which belonged to his very devout late grandmother, and I would think it almost certainly would have been blessed long ago. Is it appropriate to ask the priest to bless it (again), if it may have been blessed before? Can I have more than one blessed at once?
  4. I’m thinking about making a Rosary for my RCIA sponsor as a thank-you gift; should I have it blessed before I give it to her, or is this something the “owner” should do?

Sorry for all the questions! :confused:



I can answer #2 for you. It’s not a time consuming process, but you would probably want to call the parish office ahead of time to see when it’s a good time to bring it by. I had the rosary I brought for my daughter’s first communion blessed by our deacon and it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes. He simply wanted to know who it was for, and he mentioned my daughter’s name when he blessed the rosary.

And for #4, yes, I’d have it blessed before you give it to her.


Thanks, Karen! :slight_smile:

I’ll ask him at RCIA, and see if he can work me in sometime during the week.



Most of the time I will leave what I want blessed at the parish office with the Admin, and she puts a note on it to Father, and I come back in a day or two and it has been blessed. I would suggest you also get a copy of Jesus exposing His sacred heart and have that blessed. Jesus promised that “the home which honors His sacred heart, He will in turn honor”.


After reading these answers, I guess it depends on your priest. I made a rosary for my daughter for her confirmation and asked the priest to bless it before a weekday Mass one day. We were both a little early, so I just took advantage of that, though I would’ve asked him afterward otherwise.

I’m so glad I didn’t just leave it for him. I’m glad I was there, because he took his time and the blessing was quite beautiful and memorable.


In my experience 15 seconds is an overestimate :slight_smile:

I simply approach the priest, usually after Mass when he’s out front of the church greeting parishioners and thus is free to administer blessings, and ask. Never been knocked back or asked to come another time.

Last two times I had a Rosary blessed the priest additionally blessed ME directly as well, which is a lovely thought :cool:


I usually have things blessed when I go to confession. I go face to face so I just politely ask the priest if he would mind. They have always obliged and it only takes a few seconds. I have had several rosaries blessed and my miraculous medal as well. I also see nothing wrong if its blessed twice. I was given my grandfathers large beaded rosary when my mother died and I am certain that my grand father had it blessed but I wasn’t sure so I had it done. I see nothing wrong with this. I have never had multiple items blessed at once. It would do no harm in asking, the worst a priest will do is bless one item and ask you to do the others later. I have found that priests are more than happy to bless items for you. My one priest takes his time and says a little prayer over my items. Also to the other poster who says she was glad she didn’t leave items there without her being there, I agree, my priests always have me hold my items cupped in my hands while they bless them, it feels more personal that way IMO.


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