Blessing a rosary

I was recently told that I “must” have my new rosary blessed. I have another one that our parish priest did bless, but my RCIA sponsors gave me one as a gift that hasn’t been blessed.

What say you?

You may have it blessed if you want to.

It’s definetly not mandatory. However, when I bought mine at a Catholic bookstore run by the Paulline Sisters, one of their priests happened to be in the store at the time and he blessed mine just after I bought it, which was nice :smiley:

As I understand it, a deacon can bless a rosary, too. There are graces attached to having a sacramental blessed, but it doesn’t mean if you pray with an unblessed rosary, your prayers don’t come through as loudly or get sent to the end of the queue or whatnot.

I’ve prayed the rosary counting the Hail Marys on my fingers. :shrug:

Hmmm…I don’t think a deacon can bless anything like a rosary.
It’s not required, but it’s preferable.

God bless!

Yeah, from my understanding it’s priests and above that do the blessings as a rule. It’s not required that you get it blessed–after all, if you take it literally it’s really just a tool to count prayers with. I know if I didn’t have mine I’d lose track about the third set of Hail Marys. However, mine is blessed, and it makes me feel good knowing that I’ve always got a holy object by my side.

Deacons can bless rosaries & other sacramentals. Ours does–& he is a very conservative, holy deacon. He is the one who gives us the rousing homilies, more so than our pastor or associate pastor.

One thing I’ve noticed: he always uses holy water to bless objects, unlike Father, who does not.

Neither of our priests uses Holy Water during a blessing of a rosary, medal, etc, but it is mentioned in “Catholicism for Dummies”. Since the blessing doesn’t impart any “magic” to the sacramental, I don’t think that the water would be absolutely necessary.

While it is not a requirement to have your rosary blessed, it is certainly a good idea to do so. :thumbsup: Oh yeah, and personally, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to have their rosary blessed.


I was told the same thing! Maybe this website will answer some of your questions as it did mine:

I just googled sacramentals and that was what I found. It helped me to better understand the purpose of asking for a rosary to be blessed. After I read about sacramentals I was very glad I had asked our priest to bless my rosary.


No argument on the importance of having a rosary blessed but don’t ever think you need a rosary to say a rosary. If you find yourself without your beads and feel the desire simply count off on your fingers. The Prayer is most important, the Sacramental is an enhancement. I once heard, might have been Mother Angelica, the only bad rosary is one not said.

IMHO, it’s not necessary to have your rosary blessed. I think what’s more important is that your prayer is sincere and heartfelt. But I think having your rosary can be an added bonus. When a priest blesses rosary beads, or any item, it’s as if he attaches a prayer to them to make your prayer more fervent and powerful. :slight_smile:

“How beautiful is the family that recites the rosary every evening.” – Blessed John Paul II

I’d say, get it blessed. :thumbsup:

I have 2 rosaries. My main rosary that I keep at home and use most of the time is blessed. My travel rosary that I carry with me is not. No particular reason but it is in my pocket all the time and might be broken or lost, so I never got it blessed. I do not like to take chances with sacamentals I have had blessed that they might be profaned.

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