Blessing abortion clinic property with Holy Water


I wrote this as a separate post but would appreciate a response from a priest.
Let’s say there were a group of Catholics praying outside (legal distance allowed) of an abortion clinic and one of them or even a priest wanted to bless the area/building (again legal distance allowed by law) with Holy Water could they and pray that those considering an abortion, or taking part in abortions would be protected from satan and have a change of heart.




Priests are cool.


I second this notion


First, only a cleric can actually impart a blessing.

Anyone can sprinkle Holy Water.

I would question the motivation of such a person. Why would you want to do that? Do yo want to do it just to be seen doing it? How would sprinkling Holy Water on the ground or the walls make a person have a change of heart?

I would be the first one to recommend a proper house blessing if the family who lives there wants it. Yet I don’t see how that would be similar to what I read here.

As a priest myself I am not comfortable with the idea of blessing a building without the owner’s consent. We generally don’t do that sort of thing and I don’t see how the fact that its use is reprehensible makes that any different.

It also seems like someone actually wants to make trouble. Does this person want to create a situation where the police might intervene on the suspicion that what they see might be someone intending harm by spreading a flammable or otherwise dangerous liquid; only to be able to say “look, it’s just Holy Water!” It just seems more provocative than anything else to me.

This seems more like a “look at what I am doing” sort of thing than anything else, quite frankly.

It reminds me more of the people who throw paint at people wearing fur or leather than it evokes any thoughts of the Church’s sacramental practices.

I am uncomfortable with the Sacramentals of the Church being used in that way.

Whatever good one can do outside an abortion clinic (and there is certainly good to be done) doesn’t require anyone throwing Holy Water at or on the building.


Thank you for your reply Father. I agree it should not be done as a display but are you saying it has no effect at all if one does it discreetly?


I am saying that I cannot think of a legitimate reason why one would do such a thing.

Prayer. Presence. Visibility. A display of compassion. Offers to support life. I can think of all kinds of good and positive things that can be done outside a clinic.

I don’t see any spiritual benefit in “discreetly” sprinkling Holy Water outside the building.

I would not say it has “no effect” either. The Sacramentals always have some effect.
I just cannot see why someone would want to do it in the first place.


I would think the same reason someone would want thier house blessed.


Yes. Their own homes. If a family wants their house blessed, I’m happy to do it.

On the other hand, discreetly (which could also mean sneakily) blessing someone else’s property without the owner’s consent just isn’t done, especially if we know that the owner would reject such a blessing.

If something like this would be appropriate (ie acting against the owner’s consent) I would see that as something to be decided by the local bishop who would discern the right way of doing it.

But laypersons just walking around sprinkling Holy Water and trying not to be seen is not something I cannot reconcile with the Church’s theology of sacramentals.


But why do you bless the house? What is the purpose?


Because the people inside the house are invoking God’s blessing and protection.

And yes, I bless the house. I perform the rite as the Church provides that rite to us.

This is different from lay people going around sprinkling Holy Water and either trying to be seen or trying not to be seen.

As I keep saying, I don’t see any good purpose to it; not any purpose which is better achieved by first of all prayer, and then other acts such as being a visible presence and being available to support the mothers and babies.


Well I respectfully disagree and I’m pretty sure my priest would disagree. It seems you want to avoid the word ‘evil’. You previously mentioned postive things that one can do in front of an abortion mill and I would concur with those you mentioned but I also consider battling evil a positive. What about The Epiphany house blessing? My priest gives us the blessed chalk so we can do it ourselves.


Well keep looking I guess lol.


What exactly do you want from me?


I guess clarification. Initially I was taken back at the suggestion that if one does sprinkle Holy Water that there is no effect. Of course you did not deny there was no effect but you don’t think it is a positive action. I have been taught different so just wondering why the differences. I’m sorry you think I am attacking you in some sort of way. I have mentioned agreement with you in much of what you said.


To the op in case you were wondering if it is done elsewhere…my experience is saying the long form of the St. Michael prayer and then sprinkle Holy Water.


I don’t think you’re attacking me.

I just don’t see what you want from me.

I was asked for my opinion. I gave it.


It would indeed be misplaced and provocative.

Such people should be removed by the police, as regardless of ‘legal’ distance; it’s going to have an effect.

None of that ‘effect’, good.


Okay thanks. I guess you’re right. When there are differences of opinion in these times we should just leave it at that.


Even people in obvious prayer?

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