Blessing Advent Wreaths


Alas, I missed Christmas (and Advent?) in July, so this question isn’t as timely :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking ahead, though. I want to have an Advent wreath in my dorm room, and I already know laypeople can bless them. However, I’ll likely be travelling back to campus on the first Sunday of Advent. So unless I bring my wreath with me, I’d miss the proper day to bless one. Is it permissible, then, to just bless it on the Monday instead?


Have your pastor bless it before you leave for school. The day of the blessing is immaterial. Also, maybe take some flameless candles with you…the dorm may not permit candles. How great you are carrying your Catholic traditions with you!
God bless.


Of course the flameless candles. And I was thinking of blessing it myself, by the way, since I already pray Vespers every evening, so it wouldn’t be very hard at all to work the blessing into that. :shrug:


Sounds like a good plan! :thumbsup:


If anything, the hard part will be the wreath. I don’t own one, and if I make one, it has to be artificial. (Dorm rules, and all) I’m thinking of just going to Hobby Lobby, finding a green styrofoam ring, and just shoving the candles in.


oh, you can get a small fake evergreen wreath at any craft store for $4.99
A foam one will actually cost you more. But, you can hot glue natural greens on it if you go that route…Consider also a straw wreath. Easy to stick in natural twigs, ivy, and greens form the campus. And cheap!

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