Blessing from Benedict xvi

I am just curious. Since our Pope Emeritus is still around and was the pontiff at least at one time; could his blessings be used for indulgence purposes? Francis just gave this year’s urbi et orbi (if that’s correct). To the city and world. His blessing is a special occasion for a indulgence. If Benedict XVI former pontiff gave a speech and a blessing, would that blessing give a plenary or at least partial indulgence because he was pope?


IIRC, the Urbi et Orbi is reserved to the reigning Bishop of Rome, so I would imagine that indulgence attached would be likewise restricted.

What if someone went to where Benedict was going to speak? And he gave a blessing. Could that be used as an indulgence?

I believe that a special indulgence like that could only be given by the actual Pope in office at the time. Benedict is not the Pope and has no authority to grant indulgences.

At least if he blessed cross or medal, crucifix or scapular -there would be a partial indulgence attached (as is the case when other Priests bless such).

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