Blessing of a St Benedict Crucifix

I have a St Benedict crucifix which I keep in my car. I had it blessed a few months ago by my priest before realizing there was a specific blessing for a St Benedict medal.

Should I have it re-blessed with the appropriate blessing, or should I just consider it already blessed enough?

Good question! Unfortunately… I myself have no idea. I didn’t even know there WAS a “special” blessing for a St. Benedict. :shrug:

We have a large St. Benedict medal in the upper hall of our home; it was blessed, via LIVE TV by Pope Benedict when he was in the United States (and expressed, it was his intention to bless all of our holy items).

I will watch this thread to see the replies. My gut feeling, though… is that the blessing you’ve already received… is sufficient.

God bless and Happy New Year :winter:

The blessing it has received is sufficient, but when you are able I would take it to a Benedictine priest so that the blessing includes that of exorcism (the only part of the blessing which would be lacking).

Do a search about the St. Benedict medal and the special blessing that goes with it. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

A few years ago I had several which I gave away after I had my priest bless them with the special blessing I had gotten from a Benedictine site on the internet.

you can bless the cross but for the medal it has to be excorsised for it to have an effect. The medal itself has a prayer that no demon can touch you and hurt you in anyway. i have the prayer but i cant seem to find it. im sure there is a website you can go to to find the prayer.

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