Blessing of food


I know in the big SCOPE of things, this may sound somewhat microscopic. But I would like to begin praying for blessings before I eat a meal and I just can’t seem to make myself remember to do it. I want to do it no matter where I am, because I am truley thankful for all that I have, so many have nothing to eat… I’m bewildered as to why I can’t remember to be thankful prior to a meal. Could someone help me out here with ways to remember how thankful I should be so that I can give thanks prior to a meal?

Growing up, we never asked for blessings, so it’s something I’m not “used” to.



Me or my wife’s family weren’t brought up with is either (though I think her family did it on special occasions like Thanksgiving), but we have established the practice with our kids. With kids it is somewhat easier because if you forget, they are quick to remind you. The best way is to just do it. If you forget one time, remember to do it the next time. eventually it will become a habit. If you are extraordinarily forgetful it will take you longer, but if you sincerely persist, the habit will come.


i would suggest using a mnemonic device. that is, find something that you always (or usually) do before you eat, and tie that action mentally to saying a blessing over your food. like, put a note on the cupboard where you keep your dishes with the prayer on it. or put a little ‘tent’ with the verse on it on your dinner table.

just don’t widen your phylacteries. that’s all i’m sayin. :slight_smile:



You are not alone! I too am trying to be more prayerful, but I’m quite forgetful, too. I have found that my kids keep me on my toes! I’m thinking about putting/making a plack (is that the way you spell it?) with the meal prayer on it and placing it in the middle of the table. But, then again I keep forgeting to make it!

Good luck.


anyone please tell me what to pray before meal?


Bless us oh lord and these thy Gifts which we are about to receive through Christ our Lord. Amen.

And than I say a brief prayer, If its Fast food it will be hot and nutricous and not Kill me.

Than I say a Quick prayer and remember all the people who are suffering in the world. I take time to remember I had a meal. Even if it was a bowl of cereal and I am not thankful. That it is not a rat or a bannana wraped in a bannana leaf and such.


well when I read your post I have just finished my meal


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