Blessing of holy Items and relics

Could anyone tell me if items such as statues of Holy Saints, cricifixs’, rosarys etc which contain third class relics should be blessed by a priest?

Also I baught a St Benedict medal, which was blessed by the Pope during a General objects blessing at the Vatican by the person who sold it to me. Due to the St Benedict medal requiring a specific prayer to be blessed (usually done by a Benedictine priest, but can as a last resort be done by a priest regular, having given them the prayer to say over it) does this now need to have this additional blessing with Benedictine Prayer? Or does the Pope as the Holy Father giving it his general blessing therefore out trump the need for additional blessing of this sacramental?

Once an item is sold, the blessing does not transfer.

You should have blessed any item that you purchase unless you arranged to have it blessed after you paid for it.

The St. Benedict medal has a separate blessing. Be sure to ask for it. There is also a special blessing for rosaries which you can ask for also.


I’d say an item blessed by the Pope is about as good as one can get.

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That what I thought, but this conflicts with what the person above mentioned about the blessing not being transferred after sale. It was however given a general blessing by the Pope, not blessed with the intention of being for one particular person.

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I’d still consider it a very special item since it was once blessed by the pope. It still needs to be blessed again thought (if it is important to you that it have a blessing).

Why? You can’t ‘out bless’ an item.

Simony. You can’t buy blessings.

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Yes it is indeed of much importance to me to have it blessed as a sacremental. St Benedict is one of my personal patron saints and played a major part in my re conversion, and was a great beacon of hope to me when I had lost all hope.

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I would get all relics used in worship blessed

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What if the item is given as a gift? Does it have to be blessed again? This question just occurred to me. Our priests have blessed quite a few items we were giving as gifts and knew this was something we were doing. They never mentioned the item would have to be blessed again.

You didn’t sell the item, but gave it as a gift. The blessing stays with the item in that case, as no money changed hands = no simony.

I think all of us who go to the Vatican get things blessed and gift them to relatives and friends who couldn’t travel there. It wouldn’t make much sense to do that if the person had to then get the item re-blessed.


Thanks, @Tis_Bearself, for taking the time to answer my question.

Have a blessed day!

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Thank you for that advice, I shall look into having it blessed at a traditional church I think.

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