Blessing of our marriage

We are going to be received into the Catholic Church at the Easter vigil this year and earlier in the week the priest is going to bless our marriage since we weren’t married in the Catholic Church. Is it proper or customary to compensate the priest with a monetary gift? I know in the protestant church where we got married it is done. Thanks in advance for your answers.

You may slip something into a card if you wish.

Are you BOTH being received into the Catholic Church?

Why would you have to have your marriage blessed since the Church recognizes those marriages contracted between two Protestants (first-marriage) as valid? I am just curious. Either way, welcome home!

Let’s make sure we are distinguishing between a blessing and a convalidation.

The priest may be talking about giving the couple a nuptial blessing. There is nothing wrong with doing so, it in no way implies their marriag isn’t valid. It is merely a blessing conferred on the couple.

If the priest means convalidate-- then there may be details we are not aware of because two non-Catholic do indeed marry validly in their own faith tradition or civilly.

So, maybe the original poster can clarify.

And, as to giving the priest a stipend, that is up to you and you can certainly give him something if you wish. That would be very nice of you.

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