Blessing of Religious Articles

I have a rosary with a Benedictine Crucifix. When I ask the rosary to be blessed, should I also tell the priest to bless the crucifix first and then the rosary. Or if I just tell the priest to bless the Rosary, will the benedictine medal also be blessed?

In other words, does the priest have to give 2 blessings, one for the Rosary and the other for the medal in the crucifix?.

You may need to see a more traditional priest (e.g. FSSP) to get this done right, but the medal is blessed separately.

This is because the St. Benedict medal has a rite of its own and it’s not merely a blessing, but it includes an exorcism, specifically for the medal.

An FSSP priest will know exactly what to do. If you need to see a diocesan priest, you may want to look up and print out the rite of exorcism for the St. Benedict medal for his convenience.

Don’t miss out on the exorcism for the medal; it’s an extremely powerful weapon against evil.

To be honest, I don’t know. But I imagine the priest does…

Edited to add: What porthos said.

I’m not a priest but I’m thinking just one blessing will bless the Benedictine Crucifix AND the Rosary.

I will find out if I am wrong when I read other responses below. :slight_smile:

I am so glad when I learn something new on this forum.:slight_smile:

me too! :slight_smile:

If it helps, this page has info about the St. Benedict medal and also the blessing to be used:

As far as I know as long as the intention of the priest is to bless the article and the correct form is said the blessing should “stick” to the entire Rosary including the Crucifix with the medal making it unnecessary to bless a second portion of it. But by all means ask a priest when he performs the blessing to put the mind at ease.

Not for the St. Benedict medal. As mentioned, this particular article has not only a blessing but also has an exorcism associated with it and only with it.

Ahh. I was not aware of that. Well then I take that back then. Personally I’d get the medal blessed only, being very very specific with the priest and then I’d ask for him to bless the entire Rosary. One might feel funny asking the priest to do that but just do it anyways. I’ve had two St Benedict medals blessed without the exorcism (just a regular blessing). Which makes me upset they lack that knowledge. So now I’m going to get them re-blessed with the proper form and blessing. Just go to a holy priest who wont make you feel bad for asking him to those things. And if you’re unsatisfied go to another. But if there is an exorcism blessing involved I recommend getting the propper blessing on it.

By all means get the exorcism. If you study the traditional ritual, it’s hair-raising.

I don’t think blessing operate so technically. This is not a mechanical operation, it is a spiritual one. If the intention is there, God will provide. Is that not what Jesus taught us? If we devolve the spiritual to something merely mechanical, we risk converting faith into superstition.

And let’s not be so quick to dismiss the spiritual tools the Church offers. Jesus also taught us that he gave his Church the power to bind and loose. Why then should we stay away from them out of some artificial fear of being “mechanical?”

The Church has offered a specific rite for a particular sacramental, and an extremely powerful one at that. Why would we want to reject it?

If we were to not use these tools and simply ignore the distinction between a simple blessing and an exorcism, then why should the Church go through all the trouble to approve a separate rite?

This is true and if it is blessed in general then it is blessed. However if one wants to benefit of an exorcism prayer attached to a particular object then the proper exorcism blessing must be met. Not superstition. Just utilizing the tools God has provided in the proper manner.

I am not ignoring the Church’s spiritual tools, I am recognizing them. Do you think that if the priest does not perform the ritual just so there will be a negative result? Are Jesus’ promises to us so hollow that a deviation in form renders everything invalid?

God provides what is asked for, and is not bound by some arcane ritual. What benefit do you believe is afforded by attaching an exorcism prayer that God will deny if that is not properly done?

If a blessing is said with error in it by accident of the priest then the intent was there so I agree the blessing would most likely in most cases be valid assuming the entire prayer wasn’t intentionally butchered. Now is one not allowed to have a preferable blessing prayed over it? So, if you wish to have a regular blessing than have it but if you wish to ask a priest to bless water, salt, or an object with an exorcised blessing than that is also ok. Certain prayers can be said for a reason sometimes over things depending on what you want accomplished. Just like the Our Father prayer and Hail Mary prayer are different so is an exorcism prayer. All good but different applications. One we are praying to Our Father and the other we are asking for Mary’s intercession. If one is deliberately wanting to have an object for strong driving out demon purposes than one would most likely want that prayer applied to it. However both blessings are good so take your choice.

That’s precisely the point - performing a generic blessing does not ask God for the same benefit that a specific blessing (or exorcism) targeted toward a particular object petitions. There is, it seems, a reason the Lord’s Prayer contains several discrete petitions as opposed to counting on a universal request for benediction summed up in “Help us, Father. Amen.”

That’s right. That’s why a blessing is distinct from an exorcism.

As for God being bound by an “arcane” ritual, that is only so because he himself has given the Church that power. We don’t bind God, but he has promised to honour what the Church has decreed according to the power he himself gave her.

If the exorcism is not done, it is not done. If the Rosary is blessed, it is blessed, but since there’s a St. Benedict medal, why would any knowledgeable priest omit the specific exorcism as well? A blessing is not an exorcism. A blessing sets aside an object as a sacred thing. An exorcism is a weapon against demons.

So simply put, if the priest says a blessing over the Rosary, the Rosary is blessed. But the medal is not exorcised. So again, why anyone would want to deprive himself of such a powerful weapon doesn’t make sense, since it’s there. And since the Catholic Church itself has given the rite to exorcise a medal, then by all means we should use it.

So what is the benefit that God provides if the medal is exorcised that He does not if it is merely blessed? I am legitimately asking. Is the concern that the medal may contain a demon?

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