Blessing of Religious Habit?

I have a few questions about the blessing of religious habits during the clothing/investiture ceremony of a new brother/sister.

Must the habit be blessed by the bishop or may any priest do it?

If there is a veil, cincture/belt, side rosary, are these also blessed at the same time?

If the new brother/sister is allowed to have more than one habit ( say two or three ) do they get blessed at the same time as well?

If the habit needs to be replaced many years down the road, is the new replacement habit required to be blessed, or is the blessing “continued” so to speak as when one replaces a worn out brown scapular with a new one?

Many thanks!

I have seen a profession ceremony, and the priest blessed the habits. Sometimes a bishop may be available but a bishop presides if it is final profession. The entire habit is blessed at the same time before it is put on. When a sister’s veil changes, the new veil is blessed before worn. Only the first habit is blessed which is extended to any other habits owned which is usually 2 or 3. Hope this answers your questions.

Found a great video of novices receiving the habit

Usually the habit is blessed by a priest. Only the habit being given to the novice at that moment (during the ceremony) is blessed. At first profession and final profession, if there is a change in the veil, etc., the new vei (or other part/s of the habit)l is blessed before being given to the newly professed.

I have never seen blessings of any replacement parts of habits.


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