Blessing of the Advent Wreath


If a parish has numerous Masses on the weekend, does the priest have to bless the Advent wreath at each Mass, or can/should the wreath be blessed at just one Mass?


Just needs to do it at the first Mass.


A fine tuning on the answer. The wreath is to be blessed only once. The proper place is at the time of the Prayers of the Faithful. There is nothing mandatory about the Advent Wreath and it doesn’t HAVE to be blessed at all or even be in the church.


Our pastor blessed the wreath in English at 5 PM tonight, and in Spanish at 7 PM.
There is a prayer said when the wreath is lighted at all the Masses.
No clue about “rules”, This is just the way we do it at my parish.


That’s what’s done in my parish too, although it’s not necessary.

For several years the lighting at Mass was done with a ritual proper for use in the home, complete with a reading from Scripture and intercessions, inserted just after the Entrance Procession. I don’t know why we can’t simply light the candles before Mass as we do other candles.

In our parish, at least, it seems like just another excuse to give people “something to do” because a great deal of energy is expended just making sure there will be a “family” tasked to do this at each Sunday Mass. “Family” in this context never includes a childless newlywed couple or empty nesters.


Well, sounds like you don’t like it much eh?
I think that if you’re going to put something up in the Sanctuary, you should at least make time to light the candle for each congregation and say a prayer. That can’t be too hard.
We had a couple light it last night. If it grieves you so much, why don’t you mention it to the Deacons who select the “family” as you put it. :shrug:
It’s optional yes, but when done well, it’s a beautiful thing, and as a catechist, it helps in teaching Advent…because then children want a wreath at home on their dinner tables.
Anything that instructs is a good thing.
Priests who use one believe it has value.


:hmmm: Are you sure about that?

The Book of Blessings, in its “Order for the Blessing of an Advent Wreath”, states: “the blessing of an Advent Wreath takes place on the First Sunday of Advent or on the evening before the First Sunday of Advent. The blessing may take place during Mass.”

Now, if it said “on the first Sunday of Advent and on the evening before,” I’d say that it was directing it to be done at all Masses; but it doesn’t say that. Since it says “or”, I’d say that it’s directing that it does not have to be done at all Masses (but it doesn’t prohibit it from happening at many Masses – after all, it doesn’t say that it is done on one occasion only).

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