Blessing Sacramentals

I have several ( almost a lot ) of rosaries, medals & crucifixes that have not been blessed by a priest. Recently I was told that sacramentals not blessed are just beads, metal and wood and do not carry the same benefit or indulgences as they would if they were blessed.
My question is, can I bundle these up and have them blessed “en mass” or do I need to take them individually? Thank you for any help you may give !

First, we no longer attach indulgences to religious objects, as we did decades ago. That was changed when the Blessed Paul VI first updated The Enchiridion in the 1960s. The practical effect of that is, for example, that if you pray the rosary, you gain the indulgences for praying the rosary…whether you are using beads that are blessed, beads that are unblessed, or you are counting the prayers on your fingers without benefit of any beads at all.

Second, when the Pope blesses religious articles, they are blessed en masse, as you say…he does not bless rosaries, then scapulars, then religious images and so forth. As a priest, that is what I do if I have someone presenting several objects of piety collectively

That said, I use a different blessing if I am just presented solely with a rosary or rosaries, for example. If I am investing with a scapular or the miraculous medal, the appropriate blessing is part of the rite of investiture.

On the other hand, using the example of the Miraculous Medal and situation that the one seeking the blessing was invested in their youth and is merely needing to replace the medal, I give it a simple blessing or a general blessing. With the scapular medal, however, I have to bless the medal for each scapular, in which the person was formally invested, for which the medal is substituting.

It is a good and praiseworthy thing to have articles of devotion blessed. However, an image of the Lord upon the cross, for example, is to be cherished for Who and what it depicts, whether a cleric has blessed it or not.

You can take the items to your parish priest for him to bless for you.

I cannot answer the question about them just being beads, I mean, you are saying prayers with them. The beads are not magic.

But anyway, you can certainly take a bunch at once and have them blessed all at once.

Put them all in a bag and go to the priest, who will bless them as he sees fit, either individually or collectively.

By all means, please take them all at the same time.

I can tell you that I would much rather have someone bring me several items to bless all in one occasion, than to have that same person come back again and again with each item on separate occasions or days.*

The priest can either bless them all with one single, general blessing, or he might prefer to do several blessings (like crosses in one blessing, then statues in another, then rosaries in another. etc.) Let him make that call.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the blessing. As I like to say “that’s why I was ordained.”

  • at least, I say that knowing that you already have the items and already intend to have them blessed.

Thank you so very much this is so helpful! I appreciate your time and your knowledge. God bless!

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