Blessing your own sacramentals

So I have these sacramentals that I think did not undergo formal blessing by the priest.

Can some prayers over it and sprinkling holy water by myself suffice?
I have a container filled with holy water
Can I bless it myself?
And p.s
I have this benedictine crucifix necklace and it fell down. And it was broken. The crucified Christ was separated from the Cross. And I fixed it with super glue. Is that sacramental still valid? I think it was “desecrated” when it fell down although I sprinkled holy water on it after I repaired it. Will it still serve it’s purpose? It is important for me to know.

God Bless you⛪

No, only a priest can.


Your cross fixed with glue is still fine. It’s best to have a priest bless your sacramentals.

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Lay people cannot turn an item into a sacramental. It must be a priest.


Deacons can perform blessings of sacramental also.

A blessing by a layperson through their baptism (any layperson can bless) is not the same thing as a blessing by a priest or deacon. Sacramentals ideally should be blessed by an ordained minister.

Dropping something is not a desecration. It is dropping something.

Desecration and sacrilege are intentional.


Can. 1169
§3 A deacon can impart only those blessings which are expressly permitted to him by law.

As I understand it, a rosary is a sacramental to begin with and the blessing is itself an additional sacramental.

That’s hardly enlightening. So if are you saying that deacons CAN’T bless all sacramentals, perhaps you could cite the relevant canons to clarify which sacramentals a deacon can and cannot bless.

That is not stated in canon law. Look up the Book of Blessings.

Its not a sacramental unless it is blessed.

Sacramentals do not have “validity” but whether they have been (unintentionally) damaged and repaired or not makes no difference as long as they are still recognizable and usable.

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